Where are you working? Company?

Hi folks,

For all the people who have migrated already to Canada especially on the East Coast Toronto Area, I wanted to start a thread to see where everyone is working.
I have seen multiple posts here around the different companies that have a presence here and that are hiring. But a reality check to see where people actually work or prefer working once they have moved here would be great.
It will give sense to others who are close to making a move too.
Eg. Are you working full time in Canada? Are you working as a consultant locally? Are you working as a consultant for a US company?

I will start. I am working at DigitalOcean which has presence in Canada.


I haven’t moved yet because of covid restrictions etc. (I know I technically can). I’ll be moving to Vancouver area and working for Amazon (same team, but will be tagged to Amazon Canada). That said, if someone is looking out for cybersecurity related jobs in Vancouver area fee free to reach out to me. I’m looking to hire engineers/tpms fro GRC/cyber security.


Toronto area, General Motors, contractor (incorporated)

Can i message you directly for some questions on how to proceed as a incorporated contractor.?