Where to get PPR photos clicked in USA

What did you guys use to click photos for PPR in the US ?

I didn’t read the fine print, got my photos clicked from costco here in US and I have got an email from canada saying that the photos are rejected and i need to send them again in a week. What do i use ? I live in seattle.

Try Walgreens or any local photographer shop

We got it done in California. I am not aware of anyone in Seattle area. I would go to Yelp and search for some photographers that click photos specially for Canadian passports in your area. They are usually well aware of the Canadian photo requirements . You should read the reviews before booking one.

Like someone suggested, use Yelp to search for privately owned photo studios because I think they are more likely to adhere to the requirements given by IRCC for photos. I am guessing the likes of Costco etc which are larger brands will not bother following instructions.

I found a studio in LA via Yelp. It was privately owned and they knew the exact requirements already because they are located in a college town and take lots of passport type photos for the US, Canada and Mexico. Also call ahead to ensure they can take the photos to specs.

I got request for sending photo and passports. If you have taken photo in Canadian spec in US, please tell us which store did you use and how did you do this.