Where to move?/ Short term rentals

Hello all,

I did my soft landing back in 2021 but did not get to settle in Canada at that time. I am now thinking of actually moving in February. I don’t have a job at the moment, so things are somewhat fluid for me . I am looking for some suggestions from the community here:

  1. I plan on booking an Airbnb. Are there any other options for short-term rentals?
  2. Since most of the jobs in my field are in GTA I plan on moving there. I would like to be in places that have good public transit. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding the neighborhoods?
  3. I have a mailing address in Toronto. I need to exchange my Driver’s license and apply for Health Insurance at some point. Can I be able to do that immediately or do I need to wait?

I would appreciate any feedback! Thanks in advance!

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