Where to send Passport | Fedex doesn't seem to deliver | Kindly assist


I have got a PPR request to send my passport to the below address:

CPC – Ottawa – PR
P.O. Box 8781 Ottawa, ON
K1G 5B3

Problem is FedEx doesn’t seem to deliver to this address because of a P.O. box. And also I cannot generate return shipping label from this address.

You can use (USPS or Canada) express post and include a self-addressed envelope for express post again. Generally, there is an address for courier too. Like for the case of a Temporary Resident Visa:

To submit a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) application from within Canada, mail your application to:

Temporary Resident Visa Section
Case Processing Centre – Ottawa
P.O. Box 8780 STN T CSC
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 5A9

If sent by private courier:

Temporary Resident Visa Section
Case Processing Centre – Ottawa
365 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1

Can you really use USPS? Most threads talk about UPS or FEDEX

CPC_Ottawa is going to return the passport for sure using the Canada Express Post…they do not use courier for the return of documents…

@gouthamcooldude , is your mailing address in USA? If yes then just read the email again, there is a separate mailing address for US addresses without PO box. That address should be mentioned just below the address you have provided

FedEx does deliver to PO Box. You need to tell the agent to add a phone number to get access to PO Box address link. Most agents are known to believe FedEx won’t do PO Box.

Also you will have to yourself create a FedEx online login account of yourself and create a return label. It takes some time and is painful process online. It would be good if the FedEx store has a computer and the agent can help create an online account.

Hope this helps.


IS UPS a good option too ?

Yes. I used ups.