Where to take photos for PR card- rejected twice

Hi All, we have done our soft landing from US but are having trouble with photos for PR card. We have submitted photos 2nd time from walgreens but have been rejected yet again.

Can some of the experts here or people who have faced the same problem please recommend any options on where to get this done in US so that this sails through.
2) Is there a way to contact IRCC other than the web form to understand what is wrong with the photos

Any help i much appreciated.

I went with a photography studio, the people at Wallgreens, CVS, etc. are usually very casual in the way they take these pictures. When you have a professional photographer you can clearly explain to them what you’re looking for; chances are they’ve already helped a few other clients with their Canadian PR pictures and know the drill too well.

Well, in my case after initial rejection we found some digital copies of passport size photos (in my laptop) taken for my LinkedIn profile a couple of years ago. We used https://www.vividphoto.com/, a New York or New Jersey based company. They modified these photos according to Canadian PR standards along with stamp and signature on the back of each photo. We got them delivered to our home in US for an extra fees. Hope this helps.

Where are you located? If you’re in NYC, I recommend Gateway Newstand in the west village area.

My Framing Store in NJ worked out great for us. Took photos once and it was accepted.

Address: 485 US-1, Edison, NJ 08817, United States

I went with a professional photo studio in Indianapolis. My suggestion is to ask the photo studio in advance if they take the photos as per Canada specifications.