Which bank is the best

We recently moved to Canada from US. We are really confused which bank to choose from.
I also heard that the offers are definitely not like US.
So in terms of new comer offers, cash back, low maintenance fee, which bank is the best?


I think all banks have pretty much the same offers for new comers, $350-$500 in terms of rewards, no maintenance fees for an year, no annual fees credit cards etc. Talk to multiple banks, see which one has a better offer, ease of banking, credit limits they can offer.
I opted for BMO as they were giving better credit limits. I hear CIBC and RBC are also good.
I also have a TD account but personally don’t like their customer service and support.

Also, ease of banking and features here are no where near to US standards.

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Thank you… we also thought about BMO but was confused. Which is the best credit card with good cash back rewards?

any No FX Fee card recommendations?

Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card has no fx fee. If you have an Ultimate package account, the card is free. You have to maintain 5k balance in the checking account though for zero monthly charges.

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On the topic of banking, how long would banks typically expect you to have a credit score before they’d be ready to consider a new immigrant for a mortgage application?

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Are there any No annual fee, No FX fee, No min balance maintenance cards other than Brim Master & Home Trust Visa?

At least 6 months. Again, it depends on bank to bank.
I was able to get a pre-approval with 4 months of credit history, but BMO told it would be very difficult to convert into an actual mortogage with anything less than 6 months.

Better to go with mortagage brokers who can connect with multiple banks/lenders if you are thinking to get a mortagage.