Which NOC Code is right for me?

Hi everyone! Hope this finds you well. Would just like to get your input as to which NOC code should I put for my current job. My job title is Management Information Officer in a bank and I know that falls under NOC 2171, but my job duties are suggesting otherwise which is 2172:

• Generates and develops MI reports that would be used for business performance reviews and collaborate with business units in order to come up with report architectures that would support their other business needs.
• Helps the different teams in identifying possible opportunities in improving performance efficiency
• Centralizes and manages all productivity generation for the whole unit
• Maintains integrity of reports by utilizing tools and risk mitigating measures aligned with the business requirements
• Strategizes schedule of report generation to ensure timeliness of releases.
• Conducts regular review of the MI inventory to ensure that only relevant MIs are being generated and maintained.
• Conducts periodic review of the report programs to ensure accuracy and that the program is still up to date
• Manages the MI request process that would ensure documentation of all new, revised, and sunset reports.

Should I go for 2171 or 2172? Please advise. Thank you!