Which NOC code to be used for CIC form


Both of us are working as developer for almost last 9 years. (2.5 years in US on H1B)
I am trying to figure out what NOC code should we use that will increase our probability to be picked up. (as our CRS is just on margin 423)

Any suggestions please.

You cannot pick an NOC of your choice it has to match the work experience that you will be claiming (every year of it). And finally you will have to back it up with a Proof-of-work letter.

These are the three possible NOC’s that apply to people working with computers as far as I know. And if you’re a software developer it should be 2173. NOC Search - Software Engineer

Your score seems pretty high but a couple ways you could increase it would be.

Thanks @anon25417004 I am not sure if this much is sufficient as cut off says something different.
We are working as software developers for all these years so I guess software engineer is what we are looking for


Could someone, please suggest how to apply using PNP, seems our score of 423 will be little short to required score. Therefore trying to evaluate other than express entry options.