Wired magazine reporter looking to hear: Anyone recently immigrate to Canada? Love to hear why

Hey folks – Clive Thompson here! I’m a columnist for Wired magazine, and I’m researching a story about how Canada (Toronto particularly) has, in the last few years, seen a really big surge in international tech workers moving there for jobs.

I’ve been talking to Canadian tech firms to get their thoughts on why the numbers are rising.

But I’m equally interested in hearing from the actual tech workers who are choosing to immigrate to Canada. Today I interviewed Vik, the founder of Mov North, and he suggested I post the question here in the forum!

Are you one of the folks who decided to immigrate there recently? If so, I’d love to hear what drew you. What made it an attractive destination? Did you consider the US as another market, but wind up preferring Canada?

Feel free to let me know your thoughts here! I’m all ears. Or if you want you can email me directly – I’m at clive@clivethompson.net@pomeranian99 on Twitter if you’re there.