Wise - money transfer limit

Hey today I initiated the request to transfer close to ~200K USD it appears the only option on wise was to do a bank wire transfer (no debit) and on chase, the limit is only 25K- How do people are transferring large amounts using wise? Thanks

perhaps you can do multiple transactions…

Thanks @srhere Yes that’s what I am doing. Wise has recently introduced the limit. However, if you are physically present in the US and go to the bank for a wire transfer then there is no limit. Unfortunately, I left the US so the only option for me is to have multiple transactions of 25K

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@swamiom - I bank with PNC and they allow wire transfers over the phone for any amount. I have so far tried transferring $50K USD without issues.

Hey friends, today we tried doing a transaction through Wise. For ACH, it says it can not be initiated from my bank which is PNC and for wire, it is asking me to provide ID proof as SSN which it is not accepting. Please share how you were able to trigger the transfers.

For us, it got stuck