With recent travel restrictions, anyone moved to canada on work visa?

Canada has closed its border with the USA and other neighboring countries. There are restrictions around who can enter Canada via Air travel.
Are they accepting work permit applications now? Any moved to Canada on a work permit recently?
I am exploring the option to move to Canada from the USA via Intra company transfer visa.

I am moving in few weeks on a work permit - will be crossing the land border. The company’s lawyer said it is classified as essential travel. I and my immediate family members (spouse and kid) can cross the border without any issues. Though we have to do 14 days quarantine. I heard by June 22nd they will lift up the border restriction if 75% of Canadians get a single dose by that time. As of now Canada has vaccinated ~ 50% of the population with a single dose. Thanks

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Thanks, @swamiom. This information is very helpful. One more question,
How long did it take to process the visa application?

Mine was not intra company transfer so LMIA did add some extra weeks. But NYC visa office processing takes around 3 weeks to process the work permits.


Do you mind explain the timeline in more detail? I am same situation. My LMIA is about to get filled.

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My company filled LMIA under global talent stream and this was the first time for them and took around ~5 weeks to get approval with the help of a company lawyer. With approved LMIA and under global talent stream, you should get a work visa in 2 weeks given biometric is done and application is submitted in US visa office. Thanks

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Hello @swamiom,

Can you share your ICT WP timeline? Did you apply under GSS?

My application submitted under GSS on 5/7, biometrics done on 5/24. I’m wondering when would the PPR/Approval be like mid June.

I’m also planning to cross via land border. plz share your experience so it would be helpful for others who are in the same boat

I am still waiting for my work visa. Lawyer submitted the application day before yesterday. Mine was filed under GTS. Timeline which I mentioned in my earlier comment was based on the talk which I had with the company lawyer. Thanks

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@swamiom Hi, did you get your work permit yet? If yes how long did it take ?. Did you have to submit police clearance certificate and medic exam for the work permit?. Would appreciate if you can share your experience. Thanks.

Yes. You are right. I received my work permit and visa stamp in September. I travelled to Canada by air Canada in th first week of October, 2022 and it was pretty smooth.