Work experience as self employed/business owner

Hey everyone! Filling in my work experience section right now and am unsure about a few things:)

My experience is the following:
2018-2020 - full-time software developer - it’s all clear here
2021 - doing freelance work about 20h per week for about 6 months. not sure if that one counts, but I have over 3 years of experience not counting this one, so not worrying about that:)
2022 - now (and this is where it gets confusing) - I own two companies. One is the IT outsourcing company I started with my husband in Poland, and the other one is my startup registered in the US. In both companies I’m mostly doing software development work, so thinking of still choosing the Software developers NOK and then later in my duties specify that I’m also managing a company. Will that be ok? If so, should my job title be Software developer or CEO? I’m also thinking of putting 30h/w for both companies cause that’s the real amount of work I’m doing (which I can prove by time reports, invoices, letters and achieved results). Won’t having 30h/w jobs be suspicious? And last question🙂 In the form you need to select the country of your work experience. Should I select my US company address or my physical address? (Poland)

Thank you!