Work experience - confusion in months count

Hi guys,

I have experience of 33 months and 10 days from India but the EE profile is counting the experience from the start of the months and making it 36 months and boosing my points 478.
Please guide me if it will be considered as 478 or will I lose points later on when I file.

Akanksha Sharma

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  1. Is this the case while making your fresh/new EE profile? Then you should ensure you have 36 months of experience at the time of making the profile just to be accurate to the rules (It’s better to have 36 months and 20 days than 35 months and 1 day).
  2. Your existing EE profile could only boost if you current work experience is clocking up since you are “working” in the last job you put into your profile already. I feel that’s not the case with you.

These are edge cases and its recommended to stay clear from these and ensure you have the EXACT requirements when you start applying. EE profile making is free, so either you can reject the ITA that you get on 478 until you get actual 36 months of experience and your employment verification can prove it and then accept it. OR withdraw your profile since you will get in anyway in 2-3 months since cutoffs are hovering around 471.

AND if you have this much experience ONLY since you may not be working, then yeah you will be in a grey area to apply since the online Tool itself has some peculiarity in this case.
Call the CIC and ask their own agent what to do. No idea what would happen if the score keeps boosted based on date gaps, or the CIC may be okay with just Months/Year count and not days.

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It’s been a while since I used the EE profile page, but is it asking you for dates worked (to-from)? Or just months? In any case, why is it jumping from 33 months to 36 months? Check your profile again or create a new one.