Work experience for co-applicant

Hi everyone, I had a question. I am will be the co-applicant for PR process and my husband will be primary applicant.
How many years of experience is mandatory for me to show? I left my previous company without serving the notice period so HR will not issue me reference letter without clearing my dues. Any alternatives for that?
Thanks in advance

It depends on how many points your husband can get on his own. If he’s able to meet the threshold with his own points, then there is no need for you to show any work experience. If you need the points, then I think it’s time for you to come to some sort of a compromise with your previous employer.

@panditji While checking the CRS score for express entry there is no tab asking for my work experience. Its only asking primary applicants work experience. And with all the desired enteries we are getting 472 score. So will immigration officer ask for my work experience as well? And if so will 2.5 years work without showing my previous company experience suffice?

I think with that score, you should be fine.
They’ll ask for these details after you get an invitation to apply.

@panditji Thank youu