Work experience from current employer

I am going through a nightmare situation.
In terms for obtaining work reference letter I can’t ask my organisation as it will be redirected to my manager and it will raise flags and Such a request could potentially lead to the jeopardization of my current employment, resulting in adverse consequences, including termination or an impact on future project assignments.
Reached out to a colleague who is a trustworthy person but he rejected to support it.

Wondering if there any other way I can provide the work reference.

There’s a recommendation here to ask one’s current employer for an employment verification letter for loan purposes, along with giving an example format letter: Employer will NOT provide Experience Letter | Canada Immigration Forum

As long as it’s in the right format and has all the required information that IRCC needs, that “loan” letter would be accepted.

Some additional tips on how to ask can be found at Nail the Challenge of Getting Reference Letter from Current Employer!! | Canada Immigration Forum

Absolute worst case: if you are eligible without the work experience from your current employer, you can leave that off (and include it only on your personal history) but claim exp from previous employers only. See Is it ok not to mention my current employer in the Express Entry profile? | Canada Immigration Forum