Work Experience in Express Entry profile vs PR application

I am looking for some guidance regarding inputting my personal history details post ITA.

  • I have been working with my current employer in USA since Jan 2009.

  • During this period, I have held 3 different positions x, y and z with the same employer all with R&R matching NOC 2173.

  • During this period, I have worked in two different cities (2009 - 2011) and (2011 - 2017).

  • While creating the EE profile, I had created only 1 entry in the Work History section.

  • I have received the ITA.

  • I have received one reference letter from my employer listing all 3 positions and the duration for each.


  1. Will this be a problem? I have seen a few threads suggestion that each position should be mentioned as a separate employment episode but there seems to be no consensus.

  2. Should I break it down by city of work in the Personal history section since I need to mention city name for my employment episode? In other words, should I create 2 entries for this employment under Personal History?

  3. Should I explain this discrepancy in the LOE?

  4. Has anyone ever heard of this being a reason for rejection? Seems unlikely to me.

Please advise.


Any suggestions from the Senior members?