Work experience letter and proving my work experience

Thanks…so do we get option of personal history in pre-ita profile or post-ita profile?

In the post-ITA phase

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Hi @anon25417004, @avj and folks,

How does one’s IT experience count towards points for CRS ? A maximum of how many points can be awarded for IT experience in specialized skill set and various job positions held ? Can you please explain ?


If you are applying under the FSW prog in Express Entry, here’s a link to what is required:

If you have Canadian work experience, the maximum points which you get for it are 70. If you have foreign work experience, the maximum points which you get are 50.

Work experience over 3 years goes in a single bracket so it will not matter whether you have 3 years, 10 years or 50 years of experience. If it is less than 3 years, the points awarded will be lesser.

thank you for the info.

Hello all,
Can I get my reference letter before i create my EE profile

Hello all,
Can I get my reference letter before i create my EE profile. Or should it be done only after receiving ITA

You can get it at any time. It does not matter whether it is before or after EE profile creation.

Thankyou for the reply


  1. I got work experience letters from previous employer but not all job duties are mentioned is that okay? it talks about dates I worked and position.
  2. These letters are 3 years old as the position I worked was in 2011 and got the experience letter few years after. Can I use the same as I am not sure if I will be able to get a letter from them now.
  3. I worked as a graduate student, does that count? - the below dates are excluding this experience.
  4. I have overall experience of about 4.5 Years experience . 2 Years Pre - Masters and 2.5 post. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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Kapil Chandra

  1. The job duties should somewhat match the ones given for your NOC code.
  2. Date of the letters doesn’t matter as much as the content. If the letter content is not appropriate better get new one to count that experience towards the points.
  3. No it should be a full-time paid position; research assistantship etc is usually part time. Full time internships can be counted.
  4. Get reference letters for both that conform the CIC standard, or atleast prove to CIC that you tried to get the letters but were unable to.
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Thank you Anshul for quick response, one other question is I worked as a Software Engineer initially and then moved on to project management. My question is even after moving to project management service companies list you a generic title as Software Engineer / Software developer which is what happened in my case. What do you suggest in that record. I got all the experience letters but they wrote about my conduct but dont list out the duties.

Ask your HR if they’re willing to give letter with duties and responsibilities since that will be much better to match against NOC and will pass off easily as proof of experience. The title doesn’t matter, the duties and responsibilities do.

Thank you ! I will try that for sure.

thanks… it is 466…

and now we are thinking if we submit only previous company’s experience then we would get 441… which is still more than cutoff… and will save unnecessary effort to get letters from current employer and managers…

441 because although i have 3.5 years experience in first company …but 1 year is outside 10 year window… so i am calculating as 2 year experience…

what do you suggest guys…?

should i accept this ITA and just submit first company experience and remove current company…and explain on letter of explanation tht my points would be still more than cutoff?
should i decline the ITA and remove current company from application and get ITA again in next draw?

I am making new records of complexity every time …isn’t it :slight_smile:

IMO you should accept the ITA and take the necessary efforts to get letter from current employer if possible. If they refuse then add that in LoE and for the current company’s experience add the paystubs and offer letter and all that. Maybe they consider it and accept what you submit. But not submitting will guarantee you will drop down to 441 which is too tight. You may still get approved but if anything else makes your points go down - which is unlikey - then you’re scrwed.


do you guys know if letter from manager has just the company logo on the top left or top right side … then is it valid letter or is it still considered as a plain paper letter unless on company’s letterhead, and still needs to be notarized by manager??

asking that because our managers gave similar letters when we applied for H1Bs or when we had RFEs

Is it just the company’s logo or is the company name visible too? I guess if the company’s name is visible, it might be acceptable since it could be verified. I don’t know if just the logo would help.

by logo i meant yes the company name itself…

i asked that because just company name or logo does not make it a letterhead… i think a letterhead usually has company’s complete address, phone number, email id etc. too in the header or the footer…

It must be the official company letter head the exact specifications are not defined. The letter must have the company address, phone, etc. It’s common for original letterheads to have this information.