Work history vs Personal history


I have a similar question. In the work history I have mentioned my job experience with respect to NOC codes. I have all the necessary reference letters for it.

I did a paid part time internship and a paid Student job for which I don’t have the relevant letters. Should I include those in the work history since they were paid? The problem is that the job was pretty generic which is not part of any NOC code. I am guessing for that reason I should probably include it in personal history. Do we have to provide reference letter for the employment we put in the personal history?


Whatever you add in your personal history. you don’t need to provide letters for them.

for example in my case I have only added my work experience from my full time jobs even though I had a paid full time internship and also a paid research assistant-ship. because my full time jobs were adequate to full fill the number of years I have shown as my work experience.

I have shown both my internship and research assistant-ship in the personal history section since you shouldn’t have any gaps in your personal history timeline.