Work in Canada on PR but live in India or US

Hello All,
I have a scenario where i have a job in Canada and i have a PR. I can work remote anywhere in Canada. My wife has an H1B in the US and so, i have a valid H4. For some reason she will not be able to quit her job and move to Canada with me until March 2020.
My Question is - Since i can work remote, can i live in US and keep working remote? I am willing to pay Canada taxes for the money i earn in Canada Payroll. I also understand my stay wont count against the 1095 days for citizenship. But is there any rule that says i cannot stay out of Canada while working there?
Anyone else in such a situation?

H4 does not allow any sort of work while you are residing the US, even if you remotely working for a company in an another country. I am not sure but having EAD might help with your situation regarding work status in US.

It’s very simple really: If you’re physically in Canada/US, you need the respective work/residency permit(s) that let you work in that country. If you’re working remotely from Canada for any company in the world you need the appropriate permit (eg PR). Similarly in the USA you need the appropriate permit (H1 and other visas restrict you working only for the employer sponsoring the visa)