Work in US on H1 but live in Canada in PR

Question: I have job in US and I have H1b visa. My wife and I want to move to Canada across the border and commute to US everyday for work. If I stay in US for 10 hours each day, how will Canada count days for PR and Citizenship? How long does it take to get NEXUS card?

Even if you stay few mins in Canada it will count as one full day that you can use towards your PR/Citizenship.

I believe Nexus cards are only for Citizens of US or Canada.

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You may go through an article “h1b-visa-holders-waiting-for-green-card” on Celpip dot biz. This article will definitely help you to take decision better.

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Can you give me the url pls. I could not find the article.


Here is the URL:

You may also go through comparison between H1B Visa and Canadian Immigration