Work permit in canada

Hey guys, To increase my PR score I am thinking to send my spouse for PG diploma or MS in Canada so i will get the Work permit but her average score in BE is less than 60% so in this case is it possible to do MS from Canada in Mechanical branch?

Have you used the CIC points calculator? What is your current score? Have you explored getting a provincial nomination? I’m asking cause unless you’ve tried the other routes the one you are picking seems like hardest and the most expensive. Also if you are not making the points you tried the CIC points calculator with your spouse as the primary applicant?

Canadian university admissions are not based on BE scores alone there are many other factors considered and those are based on the university. It’s possible one university might give more weight to a women studying engineering than another, etc. You might have to write a cover letter on why you want to attend that college and that is also taken into consideration.

I gave IELTS last week and waiting for the result. If I scored L- 8, W-7, R-7, S-7 then my score will be 469 which is pretty good but I am selecting single (as I am not married yet). But in meantime, I found this second option, as one of my friends is in Canada using the spouse student permit, he suggested me the above plan. I am thinking to explore the above option mostly after marriage. I have time until December but the Student visa process will take some time so I thought to start the process this month or next month for Jan 19 semester.

As you said I am also hoping I will get PR on my own without going through this MS process but if not I am getting ready for the second option.

If that’s you’re sure the chances of you getting it are very high. Also for the spouse work permit, you don’t have to be married common law partner also works.

Hi Everyone,

I have a query on faster work permit processing under Global Talent Stream.
“The positive LMIA received towards Global Talent Stream Work Permit can be used in the express entry application to receive additional 50 points?”.

I tried looking for answers on different forums but can’t find a concrete answer. However, I have read at some places that positive LMIA received under this program may not work with express entry. Would be grateful if someone has any kind of information on this topic.


Did you get an answer to your question? I am in a similar situation and wanted to understand if I can use a job offer (with a closed work permit) towards my Express Entry Application?