Work permit processing time under Global talent stream

Based on IRCC website- Global talent stream process will take 14 calendar days to get the work permit.

Iam living in the US and applied for work permit under approved GTS LMIA. I don’t require a medical test since I’m in the US.

I submitted my work permit application on October 27. Did any one of you on the same boat? Is there any one who applied like this and received the work permit? How many days it took you to receive the passport request?

I’d appreciate your help in this matter

Can any one provide your inputs?

If no one is responding it probably means a lot of us haven’t gone through the GTS. I’m assuming most people here are going through various streams of EE.

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Hi @anon51722411,
First of all, congrats on securing a job from outside Canada. Could you provide inputs how you were able to secure a job from outside Canada? Is this a permanent full time or a contract job? Please provide details and tips as not many folks have been able to secure jobs from outside Canada. It will surely be helpful. Thanks.

I applied around 500 jobs in LinkedIn and I received 2 calls. And I had the interviews.

Thats great persistence. Congratulations once again.

@anon51722411 Do you have any updates on this? How much time did it take?

GTS does take 2 weeks only, You can even ask copy to employer…After GTS you need to apply for work permit…preferably through lawyer, You can also apply for open spousal work permit. This process does take at least three weeks. Make sure your employer applies to GTS LMIA to get quickly.

Hello Vish:
I found your posts, i know its in 2019 before COVID i am almost in similar situtation now.
Where we are planning to apply GTS WP for quebec thru attorney by canada employer.
After you get the WP how long it took in 2019 to get your Visa ?
Also do they asked for India Police Clearance considering you are already in the US at that time ?
Your reply will help me a lot.