Work reference letter

Hello guys, please guide me for reference letter. My case is as below
Job start - 1st oct 2011 as trainee
Went for studies by company in NPTI nagpur from jan 2012 to may 2012.
May 2012 - feb 2014 served in railway dept.
Feb 2014 to till now serving in NOC 9212.
My que is:

  1. Total experience is 7 years and can i put this 7 years while checking my eligibility for 67 years.
  2. Can i claim crs points for NOC 9212 only and put rest work experience in personal history.
  3. Then what to include in my references letter.

Please help me with my reference letter and my ee profile creation as i m very much confused about what to input where?

It is possible to claim points for only one NOC, providing experience and reference letters.
Just make sure you won’t lose points (I think 3+years should get you max points)

What about for 67 points in MEP. Can i input 6 plus year over there and provide references letter for 4 years and put 3 years in personal history.
Will this work or it will create any complications

It is better to be consistent at every step to make it simple. If you are not meeting 67 points then that would be whole other case.

I m meeting 67 points with the input of 6 plus year but i don’t know if i input 4 year.
Could you please tell me what i said earlier like putting 6 years in 67 points eligibility and 4 in work history and 3 in personal history. Is it ok or it will be counted as misrepresentation. I m confused about this only

It wont be misrepresentation.
You are telling that you are not claiming points for some work experience.
You may create the profile.
If the system accepts, you will be in pool.

One more query plz
My bachelor is correspondence and 1st time i appear for exam was may 2013 and last exam was in dec 2014 and result was declared jn march 2015. So what should be the course duration - 2 years?
Wes equivalency is 4 years bachelor.

You have to check in WES, whatever, wes says is final, if it 1/2/4 years or valid or invalid.

But this start date and end has to be actual not as per wes. Bcoz for my polytechnic diploma equivalency is two year diploma but actually it is 3 year so i have put 3 years. Also som people get 2 year mba evaulated as one year pg diploma but they mention course duration as 2 years

Hi Mate,
Appreciate if u could provide me with a solution for the dilemma I’m facing wrt NOC and primary occupation.
My situation is this:
I have a work experience from Singapore from 2009 to 2013, but the NOC 1315 is regulated partially. For example, customs broker is regulated but the Cargo broker duties aren’t. I’m skeptical about using this one .

Another problem is my recent work experience as a retail supervisor in Perth Australia is sufficient as well. But the company is closed and non-existent at the moment. Although, my manager can give me a reference, we don’t have a letter head. But she can provide me with a genuine reference.

I’m confused between choosing the right NOC for my primary occupation. Appreciate a good response from good folks here.