Working as a self-employed corp/contractor for US company remotely

I am a software engineer currently working for a US company and planning to move to Canada soon as a PR. What are my options to maintain my work relationship with the US employer? Should I work as sole proprietor/corporation and what is the process to register yourself as one? Can you work for a single client for long-term as a self-employed sole proprietor/corp?

Hi @ketaki19,

You can work as a sole proprietor and work through a PEO. You can check this blog out for greater detail:


Please read through this post

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Thanks @vijay4454 this is helpful. I see this response is for someone who is a US citizen, I am assuming this is applicable to me as a PR, and will be working without a US visa

Yes you are right. I guess I hijacked the actual topic of that thread. The post I linked does not assume US citizenship.

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