Working in USA - Want to Move Canada

I am working in the USA right now and it’s almost a year. I pursued my Masters with Digital Marketing specialization from the USA. I have more than 6 years of experience (Total) in Digital Marketing and wants to move to Canada.
I am a newbie on this Community and not sure whether it is appropriate to ask something or not.
Is there any way to get sponsorship from a company, directly from Canada?

Looking for advice.


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Hi Rahul,

Thanks for posting. I am in similar boat. I am planning the same. There’s a lot of resources here!

Thanks for responding. Can you tell me where should i have to look at?
Thanks in advance.

This will be an ongoing thread I will try to put in as much info as possible here. kindly bear with me for some time.

I will break up this series into 4 stages

Stage1:- Preparation
Stage2:- EE Creation
Stage3:- Post ITA
Stage4:- CoPR and Landing


Step 1 :- Calculate your CRS score. Anything more than 440 is good as the current cutoff is hovering around this range CRS CALCULATOR LINK

Step 2:- If you are not sure how your degree is evaluated. Use this tool to figure out your degree equivalency LINK for Degree Equivalency

Step 3:- Select the right NOC LINK TO NOC

Step 4:- Start Sourcing your Degree Certificates and transcripts from India and USA as it may take anywhere from 2-6 weeks. If you have done masters from USA ( full time 2 years ) don’t bother to source in your bachelor’s degree from India. The USA masters degree is good enough to establish your Canadian equivalency of Masters degree

Step 5:- Create a WES account and get the reference number. If you are asking your university to directly send it to WES please ask them to mention the reference number along with the address. WES process works like this. Once they receive the documents 5 days to verify if they have all the documents. and then 20 days to provide you with the results. So plan to have at least one calendar month for the WES results to come through. If you are sourcing degree certificates from India the total time from sourcing documents from university to WES evaluation is anywhere between 60-90 days.

Step 6:- Book your IELTS General exam. Min required score is R7,W7,S7,L8. IELTS will take 13-15 calendar days after you write your exam to give you the results. you can refer to this link for more details

Note:- WES evaluation is the critical path here. Any delay in WES evaluation will delay the creation of EE profile.

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@rahultrivedi: I’m going to start the process. Ping me!

Hi @ludwigwittgenstein2, are you going to start Express entry process?

Yes I am. I work in D.C area. I’m not going to waste my life in H1B cage. I’m on Post-Student visa. I have two years in the U.S.

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How about you? I am not sure about your situation. I have about two years experience.

I have 1 year so far in USA. Before that, I have 5 years in India.
I am not fond of Express entry process. I am looking for something like work visa.

Why not fond of Express Entry process?

I am not fond of Express entry process

I wonder why. Would you like to elaborate? Its the only merit based system out there that directly guarantees PR provided you follow every protocol.

I am looking for something like work visa.

Its extremely hard. Like many have mentioned in this community that Canadian companies are still not that experienced in international hiring. And honestly they have enough qualified grads and new PRs to choose from so you will be their last priority and I think its easier to get PR and then get a job rather than other way round. So far I havent heard of anyone going there directly on work visa.

There is something called the GTS fast work visa. Please refer to the following link

There is something mentioned about GTS in the MOV North page as well.

But I feel that getting a PR may eventually come down to express entry (as it is the easiest way)


It is time consuming process and thats the reason why I dont prefer it that much.
And I know it is hard to find a work visa options but that’s the thing that I am looking for.

Because it is time-consuming process.

That is even more time consuming but its your choice. And nothing is as time consuming as securing a GC in USA.


Most of the people on this forum have gone through EE or other PR tracks. I doubt too many have gotten work permits before.

if you have three years of experience then its easy to get work permit under global talent scheme, if you get the job offer from Canadian company.
Global talent scheme takes two weeks processing time.