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I am on F1 CPT Status working for a US employer. I became PR and received SIN on March 20,2020. I did my soft landing and returned back to USA, Currently working for the same US employer. Due to COVID situations, I am working from home.

I have started looking out for canadian opportunities. I received a very good canadian offer to work for. I have plans to move to canada once the covid situation eases off. So I have a question can i work for canadian employer remotely from USA until i move there in couple of months. And also can i work for both US and canada employers simultaneously until i move to canada permanently. TIA

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You can work for your Canadian employer from the US if they can sponsor your H1B. US work visas are employer specific and doesn’t permit working for multiple employers.

The answer to your questions depend on your Authorization to work in America. I’m not very familiar with CPT but I don’t think that provides you open work authorization like an EAD would, therefore you need to ask your Canadian employer about this.

As for working for two employers simultaneously, this is generally a very bad idea (this is only Ok if you are an independent contractor), most full time employment contracts require that you don’t work for other employers, especially if both employers are in the same industry or competitors. If in doubt, you can ask HR at both companies and they should be able to provide an Ok or a No.

Personally I think you should work with your US employer till the time you’re in America and take up the new job with the Canadian employer after moving to Canada for good.

Generally speaking if you’re physically present in the USA you need some work permit to work (for any qualified employer) if you’re not a citizen or a GC holder.

On the other hand if you’re physically present in Canada since you’re a PR you can work for any employer. You can also work remotely for your USA employer remotely if they’re ok with it.

CPT does not give you the right to work exceeding the hourly limit. CPT/OPT are usually tied to employers and if working for multiple employers it cannot exceed a certain hourly limit.

To summarize, it’s better to work from Canada than US in your situation.