Working Remotely in India for a Canadian Company

I came to India last week to be with my family. I am based out of Vancouver, BC, and working for US HQ’d Canadian Company. I am allowed to work from India for the next few months. Let’s say from now to up until August.

I am a permanent resident of Canada but an Indian Citizen. My Wife’s PR application is in process. Sponsorship approval, Criminality, Security are complete and her eligibility is pending. Based on some attorney posts, as long as the SA approval is there I am ok to stay outside of Canada.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Are there any tax complications I need to be aware of as I will be working from India for the next few months?
  2. Have you or anyone from your network come across issues as the sponsor is staying outside of Canada?

I would appreciate sharing some real incidents/experience.

Thank you