Advice on work permit option

Hi Friends, Our US visa is maxing out in Sept this year. We are looking for options to move to Canada. Trying for PR directly is not feasible because of age/qualifications/experience etc. Any thoughts if we can try for work permit through my husband’s employer(TCS). Also advice how long it usually takes for work permit approval.

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Hi @Nehag1985 - I followed the exact same route and will be traveling soon in ICT-WP. I’m with TCS too. The actual process with IRCC is pretty quick. Once the attorney files the application, you will get biometrics in 2-3 days and once you complete biometrics, the approval ( passport request letter) will come in max 3 weeks. Couple of my friends got it in less than a week too.

Only thing that might delay is the internal TCS process :smile: Canada visa team is really tough to handle, if you know what I mean! It took me 3 months to get the documents reviewed and submit the application. So I would say, start the process ASAP.

Hello @Jose,

My timeline-
ICT WP GSS applied - 5/7
Biometric - 5/24

How long does it take get the approval/PPR in the current times at NY location? Did your friends file under GSS?

Can you share your friends timeline as that would be really helpful to others in the same boat??


Hi! Yes, we all filed under GSS. I gave my biometrics in NY on 13-May. It’s been 2 weeks and waiting for approval any day now. One of my friend gave biometrics in Chicago on 7-May, received PPR on 12-May and got his visa in hand 3 days later.

I am still waiting for my work permit. I already have Canadian tourist visa stamped on my passport so do I need to send the passport or will I get the port of entry letter and passport will be stamped on the port of entry? Thanks

@swamiom - Not sure about that. You might have to fill a web form to update IRCC about change in address. Better to consult with an attorney though.

@swamiom, I’m in the same situation as yours, bit still needs to submit PP per attorney.

@Jose, thanks for the reply! Good luck for PPR!!

Share your PPR date when you get it.

Not sure if the processing speed depends on biometric location.

For my case, lawyer said they might nor request PPR - fingers crossed.

As per GTS/GSS they claim to process application within 2 weeks it looks like its not the case looking at your timelines:

ICT WP GSS applied - 5/7
Biometric - 5/24

and Jose’s timeline since he is also waiting for 2 weeks.


The biometrics in US ASCs are available only after 14 days from the day you check.(Probably some covid protocol) And the actual processing time starts from the day we give biometrics.

Only places where we get next day biometrics appointments are NY and LA VACs. So we traveled to NY from Chicago to do the biometrics next day. And as you said, it’s been 2 weeks since my biometrics and eagerly refreshing the mailbox every hour now :smile:

Sure. Will post an update once I receive the PPR.

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@Takita - Received my Passport Request Letter today. It was actually generated on 19-May, just 3 working days after my biometrics. But my company folks delayed in sending it to me. So expect yours anytime soon! Good luck

Congrats @Jose!!!

I’m going to check with my attorney to see if they are ignoring PPR mail just like yours as well.

btw, What are the must to do things before leaving US or after entering Canada apart from applying SIN card, DL exchange, Health Card at Service Ontario. Anything else missing?

Does H1B automatically revoked once transferred to Canada or it stays active since with same company?

Do we need to do anything to make sure it’s up and running if interested to come back later?


I received my approval yesterday, 5/30. Attorney shared Approval Letter this morning.

btw, How are you planning to cross the border? Flying? Driving?

I’m planning to take domestic flight from VA to Detroit, MI and then cross the border thru Tunnel.

Any issues that you know from your friends who travelled recently via land border crossing instead of flying?

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Congrats @Jose and @Takita

No offense - but Candian Attorney for some reasons are slow to work with :wink:

I am still waiting for my approval - the application submitted last week.

This is a very informative thread for people moving on work permit. I will be crossing the border by land and I talked with my lawyer today and he is going to provide me details on the items to be considered while crossing the border by land. I will keep you posted here.

I have a quick question - I will have a closed work permit - will a closed work visa have any location constrain? My company has offices in Calgary and Edmonton. Original LMIA/work permit application was filled with location as Edmonton but my wife got a job in Calgary. Can I work for the Calgary office? Once you get the visa stamped - please share if it has any location constrain? I heard because of the COVID situation, VISA officers are not putting the location on closed work permit but not sure

Thank You!


it looks like need to request the officer to remove the loc constraint while WP being issued.

I asked the Lawyer about this but looks like the location on the work visa is based on the location filled in LMIA. So any change of location request needs to have a new LMIA. :disappointed:

Congrats to you too! One other thing I’ve done already is, created a Transferwise International Account, it comes with an option to create Canada Account with account number and routing details like a regular one. I’ve transferred cash to that and planning to use that for booking a house as they need Canadian bank details in the application.

Because, we won’t be able to open an account for 14 days until the quarantine is done.

I’m planning to take a flight directly. I explored all the options for driving as that was my first preference. But literally none of rental car companies in Chicago is giving one way rental to Canada now. So the plan I had was to drive to Buffalo in rental car, drop there in Buffalo Airport and there are taxis we can book to cross the border through Rainbow Bridge ($280 from Buffalo Airport to Toronto).

But since it’s complicated, I decided to take the flight (just 1.30 hours) and go for the hotel quarantine 3 days (reimbursable from company).

There are talks going on to remove the quarantine and pre tests for vaccinated travelers. I hope it comes to action before we travel, so we can directly go home.

Congrats Guys. Any of you applying for the dependent visa as well (for wife and kids)? Is it also approved/stamped with your visa or is there is a different processing time?
I am in a similar situation and I am planning that my wife will maintain her H1-B visa in the USA and will keep visiting me in Canada for 2-3 months in each visit. Any of you doing something similar?