Anyone waiting for their first PR Card?

Hi All,

We landed in March 2020, got our COPR stamped and gave a friends address ( Canadian address) for our PR card.Its been a little over 3 months, we still haven’t received our physical card. We filled out the webform to enquire about the status of our cards ( haven’t received any response as yet).I have been trying to call them too. I am using this number +1 888-242-2100, but I am not able to connect.Anyone in a similar situation?

Hi spai,

I am in the exact same situation. Landed mid March but still havent received the PR at the Canada address I gave. I tied the PR card application to my CIC account and the status still says in progress. I havent yet called the number though.

thanks for your response. Il update their response once I get through the number.

I do not see any PR cards issued since April with exception of just one issuance during that month. I’m approaching almost 4 month mark since I landed & haven’t received mine yet.

same here. approaching almost 4 month mark!

Same here.
We completed landing in march and are still waiting for PR cards.

Mine was dispatched yesterday (mid march landing). Looks like they finally started issuing them.

Mine was dispatched yesterday too (March 14 Landing).
Thank You for sharing your timelines.


My spouse’s got dispatched today (Landed March 2nd week(.For some reason we are not able to link my account to the PR card application.

Mine got dispatched yesterday as well. (Landed mid march)

Received my spouse’s and our child’s PR cards.Waiting for mine:)

Hi all, we landed in last week of July and haven’t received PR cards yet… Is anyone in the same boat? Anyone received their PR cards recently? If so may I know when was your landing? Thanks

You can call cic customer service and ask the status.

Hi Everyone,
I has been over six months and I have not received my card. Where can I check the PR card dispatch date? Have you been able to reach out to CIC customer service from outside Canada?

Hi everyone, we soft landed in the first week of July and still waiting for our first PR card. As mentioned in the couple of posts earlier, I am not sure if we can contact CIC customer service from outside Canada. Any suggestions or thoughts on this? Is there a way for people like us who did soft landing and waiting for PRs to check the status or get some information on the expected wait time?

I landed in the first week of March 2020 & received my PR card on August 28th.
You should check out

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Hi all, we still didn’t receive our PR cards. We soft landed in July 2020 and got a photo resubmission letter around the end of October 2020 for which we responded through fedexing our required photos as per their requirement and they have been delivered to the concerned office in the first week of November 2020. We finally moved to Toronto yesterday through land border and we are kind of concerned that we are almost nearing 180 days since our initial landing and haven’t received PR cards. I tried calling 1-888-242-2100 ( Googling for CIC customer care) to find out the status of my application and to update the new address in which we moved yesterday. But unfortunately it is not getting connected (assuming because of my US number) and I don’t seem to link my PR application on the portal to find the status. Can someone help me with a way to update my current address and find the status of my PR card? Please note we are currently isolating ourselves as part of mandatory 14 quarantine for our international travel. Thanks in advance!

Hi all, please help. I am trying to update our current address using address notification online service, but it was unable to find my details. I used all options including application number, UCI and COPR document number etc. But for some reason it is not able to find my details. I used web form to notify the IRCC but no response from their side yet. I landed on 11th July 2020 and have not received my initial PR card yet and meanwhile we permanently moved a couple of days ago to our current address. Please let me know if there is a number through which I can reach out to them over phone? Certainly these online options are not working for my case. Thanks in advance


Usually updating information via a web form should be enough.You did everything you could.Can you still receive mail at your old address? Is it your friend’s address? If yes, they can collect the card for you.

Yes they can receive the card if delivered. But I am concerned about the status of the PR card itself.It will be 6 months on this 11th of January since we landed initially. We haven’t received PR cards yet and I read somewhere on this 180 day rule that if the address is not updated within this period then the PR card application must be done from the beginning with supporting documents.