AVR F1 visa on passport expired, H1b started in October but no stamp on it

I recently got my REQUEST Ready for Visa email and would be sending my passport very soon. That means I would have to do my soft landing early next year.
I was working on the F1 OPT extension till September 30th and now on H1b starting 1st October 2019. My passport has an expired F1 stamp expired on July 2019, but no H1b stamp. I do have the valid I-797 A form and updated I20 for H1B with me

As per this explanation, I can use AVR for coming back to the US. https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/soft-landing-experience-to-yyz-10-days-f1-expired-to-h1b-in-us-cos-avr-return-to-us.651444/

My question is have people done that? Can I use AVR? Do I have to go back to India and get stamped again (that would be very hectic)?

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