B.H.M.S degree validity


Dear all,

Is B.H.M.S ( bachelor’s of homeopathic medicine and surgery) degree recognized in Canada for immigration purposes? While creating an express entry profile, will this degree be counted as valid undergrad degree. Please help me out here.



I’ve seen it listed as an option on the WES page so I think they would evaluate it. It also comes down to the college. If for some reason they don’t recognize the college then thats a problem.

I see Homeopathy has a NOC 3232


Thanks @anon25417004. Your comments clear my worries. I believe her college should not be a problem. Do you recommend me to get her credentials evaluated by WES before creating express entry profile?

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You get additionally points for her degree so if you think those would help then yes. I’m not clear if she is to be the primary applicant?


Hi @anon25417004, I did some more research and found this article https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/eca-status-not-clearly-mentioned.376788/

Looks like BHMS is not recognized as a bachelors degree in canada. I wonder how can i confirm.


I tried using the WES Canada Degree Equivalency tool and I don’t see BHMS in the drop down list. If the degree is not awarded by a college listed under UGC then WES will not certify the degree.


I also found this. Not sure but seems Homeopaths require to be registered in Canada. Can a professional body like this do a certification of your degree.


  • While creating WES application, I can see her college and degree populated correctly.

  • My only concern will be whether her degree will be evaluated equivalent to Canadian bachelors degree/diploma, which will allow me get me some points in EE profile.

  • I did some more research and found out that IQAS does consider Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) degree to Canadian equivalent bachelors https://www.alberta.ca/documents/IQAS/india-detailed-credential-templates.pdf. I wonder if they consider BHMS also as the sample list was given just for an example.

  • As a next step I am inquiring from all the ECA agencies regarding BHMS validity and it’s equivalence. Once confirmed, I will do the ECA. I will update the forum about my findings too.


Just to update on my inquiring with ECA agencies, none of them provided the right answer as they want me to first submit the application for evaluation :(. I have decided to go with IQAS provided that they recognized Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) as Canadian bachelors equivalent, so hopefully they will recognize B.H.M.S too. I will update after reviews (which is gonna take around 3 months for so).


Thanks for the update. Will be useful to have some information about IQAS over here its not often used by applicants. 3 months seems like a long time. That seems close enough I hope its good news.


@puneet.sharma035 any update on IQAS evaluation? I need ECA from IQAS for my BAMS degree. As per research I conducted, they need original documents along with transcripts. Can you share your experience please


hi @drsnehaljk, we are still trying to get certified transcripts from the university in India. There were some delay from our side due to some personal reasons. Could you share some links where they ask us to submit original documentation too? Did you contact them regarding this?


IQAS is taking very long time these days… about 15-20 weeks… If BAMS is recognized by WES then get from there otherwise yeah apply for IQAS soon… Any WES or IQAS or ICAS needs transcripts either directly sent by university or by you… and photocopies of degree or marksheets… no one asks for original documents


@puneet.sharma035 I clarified with them they need originals(they will return once verified)+ set of photocopies or certified transcripts. @srhere thanx for making it clear, I was under impression that they need original degree certificate and transcript of marksheets. About to start the process now.

Thank you


@drsnehaljk and @puneet.sharma035, Can you provide an update please. Did you get the degree evaluated? Did you use WES or IQAS or ICAS ? How long did it take?


Hi! i have sent my credentials to IQAS. From tracking id I came to know courier is delivered at IQAS on 17 the April. The process is very slow. I received confirmation by IQAS just a hour back ( usually they confirm receiving of mail after 1 month, bt these days more than a month just to confirm arrival of documents.)…now they will process it in a month’s time…so still unclear about evaluation. Will keep updating.


I haven’t started the evaluation process yet. However, I will be going to use same service IQAS for the evaluation.

@drsnehaljk good luck for the evaluation. Please let us know once you receive the evaluation.


@puneet.sharma035, I see the BHMS degree in WES tool. Any particular reason for choosing IQAS?


WES degree equivalency tool doesn’t show the BHMS degree and based on my past research it looked like that WES won’t be evaluating BHMS to equivalent canadian bachelor’s degree.
IQAS has explicitly mentioned BAMS in their documentation which is closely related to BHMS. That’s why I am planning to use IQAS. You can do some more research and let us know if you get success with WES. I like WES though as their process is very smooth.


you cannot rely on WES equivalency tool… it is not correct and updated…

for correct findings… create account with WES… and there add education and while adding if institute appears in list then they will evaluate and if not appearing then WES will not evaluate…

Don;t waste your time with IQAS if WES evaluates it… because WES is faster than IQAS


@srhere and @puneet.sharma035,
I did create account and check. I mentioned equivalency tool by mistake!

Does this mean WES is a good choice @srhere?