B.H.M.S degree validity


@sherie I have seen this before. But the main question is whether WES will evaluate BHMS to Canadian bachelors equivalent or not. I think somebody needs to try WES and let us know :).


if those details are matching exactly same with yours then yes WES will evaluate it…

now question is whether WES will evaluate it equal to Canadian Bachelors or not… that you can confirm from equivalency tool … if equivalency tool does not show it then you will come to know once you get final report or google to find more people with your degree/college who did it in past from WES.


@srhere Thanks for your input. The equivalency tool doesn’t show it. That tool shows very limited degrees for Univ of Delhi. Only after creating an account, my degree pops up under Univ of Delhi.

Looks like I will have to risk sending it to WES.
Any idea what happens if WES doesn’t equate it to Bachelors . In that case, I can try IQAS, right??

Question is: won’t IRCC receive two reports then?? One from WES and one from IQAS. Won’t that create confusion? Do I have a say in which report I choose to share @anon25417004, @srhere?


Only risk is they can equate it to a diploma if not bachelors…

any how are you primary applicant or secondary?

diploma or bachelors anything is giving you same points…right?


I am secondary. Is it 8 points for both bachelors or diploma. Didn’t know abt that. Can you clarify


If you are secondary then it should make just 1-2 points difference i think…
its actually different… For 3 year degree points are more. whereas for two year degree little lower…
here by 3 year or two year i meant WES equivalency results… thats why i suggested to search google to see what other people got for same degree in the past…


@sherie - When you add your education in the Express Entry profile it will ask for your WES/IQAS evaluation number. You have the option to put either one. If the WES evaluation is not as per your expectation and IQAS is, you can provide the evaluating agency name as IQAS and provide the reference number for IQAS instead of WES.


WES Don’t evaluate BHMS degree from recognized University. :frowning:

I have done it. They asked me my 12th transcript and provided ECA of secondary school.

I used there evaluation tool before applying, they showed as a equivalent to first level of doctor degree but in ECA result they changed to 12th pass. They just done it so that they can share something in return of money. What is the use of 12th grade evaluation!!!

WES taking almost a months time to evaluate so don’t go by there misguided 7 days commitment.

My friend is BE ENTC he got it as a Bachelor degree equivalent to Canada.

Don’t go for WES if your going for out stream education.


@Funtush007 can I ask which university? BHMS is a 4 and 1/2 year degree. This is really disappointing :frowning: Did the University provide official transcript??


Dear Friends,
WES completed my ECA, means all the requirements fulfilled.
Recognized university, Sealed transcript, fees paid, etc.


Whoa, that’s too bad! You can try getting your evaluation done through IQAS as others have mentioned in the forum. Hopefully they will evaluate it properly. I understand that ECA is one of the most annoying things in this process since it takes too much time but don’t lose hope.


wht do you mean by ti[quote=“Funtush007, post:30, topic:299, full:true”]
Dear Friends,
WES completed my ECA, means all the requirements fulfilled.
Recognized university, Sealed transcript, fees paid, etc.

what do you mean by this post?
earlier you said they did not recognize properly


Canadian equivalency is not visible for your point no. 2 which has BHMS degree…
can you post full ECA PDF with everythign visible for no.2

Also why your no.1 shows year 2004… and no.2 shows 2010?
I mean why so much difference ? was your bachelors not a regular course… was it a distance education?


Hi @Funtush007, The screenshot doesn’t show the Canadian equivalency for credential no.2 (BHMS). Can you upload a better picture, please.


@srhere, I have similar queries. As for your question about 2004 and 2010, I believe the explanation is that BHMS is a 4 and 1/2 years course followed by one years compulsory internship, basically 5 and 1/2 years in all!


This means, I have provided all the required and requested documents. My collage is recognized and available in WES evaluation tool.
question arise that, Is my collage recognized or not, So I answered,
All the required docs provided and assessed by WES but they don`t validate BHMS degree, although to save the refund they validated my 12th certificate. :tired_face:

Regarding my ECA PDF, I have provided the exact screenshot, This report comes like this.:expressionless:
Point is not to access the WES report, Coz it`s of no use to get the BHMS/BAMS degree verified by WES.

I am awaiting for the IQAS response of fellow members, Once we know we can get the ECA positive for BHMS, I will initiate it.


So do you mean the line for “Canadian equivalency” is not there at all for degree no.2 in your ECA report and it really ends at the place what your last screenshot had shown?


Yes, you are right.
The report is as per the screenshot.


Please update when you have news about IQAS.


Any update on bhms evaluation by IQAS ?