B.H.M.S degree validity


one of my friend have done WES for BHMS and under Canadian Equivalency it shows five and half year of post secondary study and training in homoepathic medicine BUT there is also Remark that the credential is not comparable to completed canadian education credential…hope this helps …


hello Any update on IQAS evaluation?
plz share here thanx


Hi! No update from IQAS post confirmation mail stating received all documents. The process is just too slow. Have given tentative timeline as 12 weeks on their website. They have mentioned in email… queries regarding status of ECA may cause more delay for the process :(… So m just waiting :crossed_fingers:t2:


Hello ,

Eagerly waiting ,if its positive and gives CAN equivalency then surely i am going to proceed for mine as i am lacking points on this , i am currently on student visa in Canada. yes lets hope for the best after all its 5years of hard work ,it should not go in vain.


Hi I have also Appied for IQAS ECA for BHMS and MD my AOR 25th June expecting results in 2 weeks


hi, good please post your result if you can so that can clear confusion its very important


Hi just 2 weeks? Really? My email mentioned 12 weeks, so is on website. My ECA is for BAMS.


I sent my application and transcripts in the month of may, I got mail of acknowledgment on 25th of June…so as mail says ECA would be at around 12 weeks…hopefully


Hello guys,

Any further update on ECA evaluation for BHMS. from IQUAS ?

I had applied for ECA through WES and it hasn’t evaluated my BHMS degree positively


Anybody any further update?


Hello guys, may i learn if there is any further update… BHMS evaluation from IQAS?!


Hi all just got my evaluation for BAMS. It’s equivalent to batchelor’s degree in Canada. Happy happy me!!

I guess it must be same for BHMS too!


Congratulations :slight_smile:


hi congratulations …n i think some1 has also done for BHMS waiting for that result …as it can change my life…


Yeah, let’s wait for BHMS too. It can change my wife’s life too :slight_smile:


Congratulations drsnehaljk… wish you all the very best for your further PR process.


Is BHMS validated by IQAS for anyone… Please let me know…


Due to some reasons, I postponed my wife’s BHMS degree evaluation. So, we need to wait for somebody else’s results :slight_smile:


I got IQAS results today, BHMS is comparable to bachelor’s degree in canada, great news to every Homeopath.
Unfortunately MD in Homeopathy is not comparable to canada credential.


Congratulations. This is great news for all BHMS graduates.