B.H.M.S degree validity


hi revan can u plz guide how did u started i mean u courrier them or the university sent directly?


about the transcript


Its easy, apply for transcripts from your university. Pay the IQAS fee and download and fill application send both together in an ENVELOPE with reference number to IQAS That’s it.


Congratulations Dr.Neha!!

Can you please guide me for ECA.My brother is BAMS from RGUHS Bangalore.It would be really great,if you can share your experiences (step by step) and do we need to submit translation for subjects also,eg.in you transcript, the subject '‘anatomy’ might be mentioned as '‘sharir rachna or aomesomet like that’ .If yes ,then from where/whom we can this translation?



College transcripts wont work, it has to be from university where you received your bachelor’s degree.




I didn’t need translation. Just check with format of transcripts of college first. My university had mentioned Ayurvedic subject name and it’s relevance in modern medicine in transcript itself. Once you know how the format would be like, it’s procedure and charges ( both vary from University to University) U can start for ECA by filling online form first, requesting University to mail transcripts.


Thanks alot for your insights… we’ll get back to you again for more info on ECA agency.


Once the degree is evaluated as a graduate degree, will it be considered the same during the further PR process? This doubt came up as it seems WES evaluates BHMS as a training and IQAS as a graduate degree.


Thanks Revan… That is great help… Congratulations and wish u great luck for your PR


Hi Revan,

 For IQAS evaluation is it required that the transcripts be sent directly from the University? We have my wife's transcripts from the University Registrar in a sealed envelop with University stamps across the flaps and signed by the registrar. If we send the transcripts directly from our side, will IQAS accept them? Thanks for your time and help...



are you a BHMS?
i have the transcripts ready ,
do i mail them myself or have the university mail them for me.
are you opting for PR or further study in canada.
and if for PR under what category
i am a BHMS with 15 years of exp, therapist NLP and have also do clinical research etc.


Dear All,

Got my Bachelor degree equivalency for BHMS degree from IQAS. ECA soft copy received yesterday midnight, Dubai time 12.46 am.

My timeline -

  1. Complete documents delivered to IQAS on 09.07.2018
  2. AOR 2 received on 08.08.2018
  3. ECA soft copy received on 15.10.2018

Below screen shot is from my ECA -

Hope this information will help for those who are still waiting for ECA form IQAS.


hi revan,

Do you have any idea about WES response for D.H.M.S.

I started my D.H.M.S. in 1997 and ended in 2002.



Please advise if the BHMS transcripts need to be sent by the university directly or can I send them to IQAS


Can someone pls help me with the correct link to file the ECA through IQAS.
It’s giving me error.tried finding many times.
Thanx a lot !


Hi Dwip4u,

Congratulation for your positive validation and appreciate your efforts to help the BHMS fraternity.

I got my ECA negatively validated by WES so, Now I initiated my second attempt of ECA by IQAS with a great support from Revan, May god bless him with success and great health.

Can you please share your alternative email address in case we need any help post ECA? If you don`t want to absolutely fine.

Thanks a lot.


Helllo mam…can u please guide me regarding iqas evaluation for Bams…
Have u applied for PR to canada???
Waiting for an early reply


go through the comments, enough information is there in the comments


Hi , would like to connect you through email , would u plz share that , i have some doubts regarding IQAS.