Baby born in US after soft landing


My wife and I landed in Canada on the 13th of March and flew back to the US that very same weekend. We were planning on moving to Canada next summer. In the meantime, my wife and I got pregnant and are expecting in October. Does this impact our PR situation? Also, once the baby arrives, how should we go about getting the baby PR before we move to Canada next year?


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Hi Abhinav,
Congratulations! You would be able to apply for PR once you guys are in Canada. Since the baby is born is US he/she will have the US passport. You can secure the tourist visa and apply for extension based on how the PR process has progressed for the baby.
I also did read that its better to have 1 year of taxes filed before you apply for PR to solidify the case.
We are considering these options since we are also almost in the similar condition as you. The only problem presently is the Covid crisis and how long obtaining a passport/visa would be!

Good luck:)

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Thank you so much for your response and adding the link to the other post. This has been really helpful.


Congratulations Abhinav, firstly hoping that both the mother and the child are doing well. We were in the same boat last year, my wife was pregnant (I wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue:) at the time of landing, we wanted our child to be a US Citizen so we made the final move after his birth when he turned 6 months and we felt comfortable traveling with him.

You can’t get your child a PR before you move to Canada. This is because only Canadian Citizens can sponsor individuals when the sponsor is outside Canada and that too if they commit to stay with the sponsored individual in Canada post approval. Permanent residents need to be in Canada when sponsoring dependents.

My child’s application hasn’t been completed yet, the current status is that the Application for Sponsorship has been approved and the PR application is in process; the medical tests have been done and received. It’s been 8 months since I first filed the application. I didn’t consult any immigration attorney or consultant but simply followed the instructions in the application package online to fill in and submit the application.

In my province (BC), applicants who have pending PR applications are eligible for Provincial Health Insurance(MSP). During the waiting period, first we had our US health insurance active and then Provincial Replacement Coverage through our employer till MSP kicked in.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your input @panditji. Helpful to know. I will soon be in a similar situation.Please keep this post updated of new developments regarding your child’s PR. Thanks!

Thank you @panditji for the detailed explaination. We will work on the baby’s PR once we arrive in Canada.