Baby born in US after soft landing


My wife and I landed in Canada on the 13th of March and flew back to the US that very same weekend. We were planning on moving to Canada next summer. In the meantime, my wife and I got pregnant and are expecting in October. Does this impact our PR situation? Also, once the baby arrives, how should we go about getting the baby PR before we move to Canada next year?


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Hi Abhinav,
Congratulations! You would be able to apply for PR once you guys are in Canada. Since the baby is born is US he/she will have the US passport. You can secure the tourist visa and apply for extension based on how the PR process has progressed for the baby.
I also did read that its better to have 1 year of taxes filed before you apply for PR to solidify the case.
We are considering these options since we are also almost in the similar condition as you. The only problem presently is the Covid crisis and how long obtaining a passport/visa would be!

Good luck:)

Reference threads: Bringing non-PR child into Canada



Thank you so much for your response and adding the link to the other post. This has been really helpful.


Congratulations Abhinav, firstly hoping that both the mother and the child are doing well. We were in the same boat last year, my wife was pregnant (I wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue:) at the time of landing, we wanted our child to be a US Citizen so we made the final move after his birth when he turned 6 months and we felt comfortable traveling with him.

You can’t get your child a PR before you move to Canada. This is because only Canadian Citizens can sponsor individuals when the sponsor is outside Canada and that too if they commit to stay with the sponsored individual in Canada post approval. Permanent residents need to be in Canada when sponsoring dependents.

My child’s application hasn’t been completed yet, the current status is that the Application for Sponsorship has been approved and the PR application is in process; the medical tests have been done and received. It’s been 8 months since I first filed the application. I didn’t consult any immigration attorney or consultant but simply followed the instructions in the application package online to fill in and submit the application.

In my province (BC), applicants who have pending PR applications are eligible for Provincial Health Insurance(MSP). During the waiting period, first we had our US health insurance active and then Provincial Replacement Coverage through our employer till MSP kicked in.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your input @panditji. Helpful to know. I will soon be in a similar situation.Please keep this post updated of new developments regarding your child’s PR. Thanks!

Thank you @panditji for the detailed explaination. We will work on the baby’s PR once we arrive in Canada.

This is not totally correct…
You can still add your kid to your PR application even if it was approved already and you have not landed yet…
You have to inform cic and they will modify your application and ask you to go for medicals again with your new child…

This is best if you want to move with child as pr already and you are not in hurry to move to Canada…

Otherwise, if you want to move to canada first with child as visitor visa then that’s fine too but you have to sponsor him or her later…

Just reaching out via webform is enough?

Asking since I’m unable to edit my application, as the applicatiok has closed. I already have COPR (received June 2020) which expired. Baby was born Dec 2020 here in US.

I have reached out via webform but haven’t heard back. Not sure if there’s any specific avenue for adding baby post COPR

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Hello panditji,
Hope everything is well with you and family amidst Covid. The post related to bringing the baby to Canada is really helpful.
We had a question related to the same. How did you go about ,post 6 month baby vaccinations? Did you transfer your child’s medical records to Canada and they were able to follow the same as the CDC guidelines? Or they go about with the Public Health Agency of Canada guidelines in this situation? The schedule in CAN and USA seem similar though, any guidance from you would be really appreciated.

We are presently in Newyork and are planning to bring our 5 month old to Canada in couple of months.

PHAC immunization schedule ( This is the one I read).

Appreciate it!


Jai Shri Ram @appy22, all is well here and I hope things are going well for you and your family as well.

We brought our baby’s vaccination card from New Jersey along with us which had details about what vaccines he’d been given at 6 months. To book their vaccination appointment at 1 years of age, I went to the local health unit with his health card and the vaccination card. They compared those and found that one of the vaccines had a different schedule than New Jersey and asked us if we wanted that to be administered again.

At the vaccination time my wife went with the child and they asked for her consent again and administered the vaccinations.

Overall it was a smooth process, the child didn’t feel well for a couple of days after the vaccinations but was back to their normal healthy and happy self after that. So carry your records with you and take them to the local health unit, they will let you know if there is any difference in schedules and since vaccination is strictly optional in Canada you can choose to either repeat or omit those based on your preference and research.

Like the US, healthcare in Canada is a provincial subject as well and the vaccine schedules are determined by each province (though I doubt that there would be any variance at all between provinces). Here’s my province BC’s chart.

Thank you so much for your quick response:) Yep we are doing good so far. Our newborn is keeping us busy!

This is great information. I did notice that certain vaccinations are combined in Canada while in USA they are tracked as 2 diff vaccines! Sure, we will check on the Toronto schedules.

Are you in Vancouver? How do you find living in Canada so far?

Appreciate it!

@panditji @srhere
Hi all. Thanks for sharing useful information on this forum. It is very helpful.
My understanding is that a US born baby do not need a tourist visa to stay in Canada. We are planning to move to Canada along with our baby who is 8 months old. Can you please confirm that if we will need to apply for tourist visa for him ?

No need to apply for a tourist visa. Baby can enter Canada with you using their US passport or birth certificate.

@panditji: Thanks for your quick reply. Another question related to PR for baby. Can we apply PR from US itself before moving to Canada ? If not then do we need to wait for 1 year or Tax filing to apply for PR from Canada?

See this for answers to your questions.

Closing the loop on this if people are interested in the timelines. My child became a Canadian PR today, there was no interview, nor was there any passport request.

Towards the end of the last month, IRCC had reached out to me from the landing enquiries email and asked me if me and my child were within Canada. Our latest address and phone number for a potential landing interview over telephone.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, I received an email with an attachment

I am pleased to advise you that your application for permanent residence in Canada is now complete. Congratulations! You are now a permanent resident of Canada!

If you are currently outside of Canada, do not attempt to travel to Canada. Please contact us immediately at the following address and we will send you additional information:

This letter constitutes an official document issued by the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. You can provide a copy of this letter to prove that you are a permanent resident of Canada and to apply for benefits and services for which you are eligible, until you receive your permanent resident card.

This letter does not replace the permanent resident card; you are still required to submit the documentation to obtain your permanent resident card. Please print a copy of this letter and send it along with two photos that meet our photo specifications to the address listed above. Please ensure that you write your unique client identifier (UCI) and name on the back of the photos. You do not need to sign the letter nor the photos. If your address has changed, please provide us with your current address.

We realize that you may not be able to send this photo right now due to the COVID-19 situation. Please send this photo to us when it will be possible as per your provincial and/or local authorities’ guidelines. In the meantime, this letter will serve as proof of your permanent resident status in Canada. You can use this letter for one year and it must be accompanied by a travel document or a federal/provincial/territorial identity document. The permanent resident card is required after this one-year period.

We are making every effort to produce and mail your permanent resident card, but there will be delays as our offices are either closed or working at minimum capacity. Issuance of permanent resident cards should gradually resume as COVID-19 related restrictions are eased.

If you leave Canada without a permanent resident card, you will have to apply for a permanent resident travel document through a visa office. Otherwise, you will not be able to board a commercial vehicle (plane, train, bus or boat) to come back to Canada. Please visit our website for more information.

The UCI in the upper left corner of this letter is your personal identification number and it provides access to information on your IRCC file. For your own protection, do not allow any other person to use this number.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

There is also a COPR number and other details that I’ve omitted here for obvious reasons.

I had applied for my child’s PR in Nov 2019 and the application was completed in Feb 2021. So about 14 months or so, when I had first applied the estimated time was 11 months. So it was delayed by a few months but given all that has happened in between I think this delay was pretty much expected and I have to say that the application was processed in a rather timely manner.

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Thank you @panditji for sharing this info. Very much appreciated. :pray:t4:

Thanks so much for this information and congratulations! So until the issuance of PR card, you were able to successfully extend “baby panditji’s” :slight_smile: tourist visa online?


You are very welcome @appy22.

There wasn’t any need to renew baby pandit’s tourist visa. As long as you apply for PR when your current status is valid, they are considered to maintain implied status till the time the application has been processed.

As a part of the landing questionnaire, they asked for proof of status in Canada. I attached a copy of the sponsorship approval letter that I got from them and told them that the baby was currently in as a visitor with implied status. They accepted that and asked no further questions about this.

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Thanks a ton!