Background Check taking more time than usual


My wife submitted her e-PR application under Express Entry, FSW program (Indian with a Masters degree currently working in US) on 14-Mar-2018 and still the background check status for her is saying “Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.” I got Passport request within 2 months from having submitted my application and all of my friends who applied got theirs around the same time frame. Has the processing of submitted applications slowed down off late? Anybody else facing similar delays?


Wait did you get the passport request? or did your wife not get the passport request?

and no it has not slowed down.

My wife hasn’t got the passport request yet and background check hasn’t been initiated yet for her (status from I asked if it has slowed down from the tracking information in (though this isn’t accurate data, I was using it to get a fair estimate of how is the overall processing timeline like) and it has been more than 3 months since she submitted her application and still hasn’t received Passport request yet.

It took me 4 months to get the PPR after I submitted my application.

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Guys… again to confirm… Once application is submitted with all documents and medical… then can we travel outside USA to India and come back without needing new Police verifications?

Also, how much time do we get to send passports once PR is approved for stamping?

You have to give police verifications for all countries you have lived in for more than 6 months in the last 10 years. For e.g. I traveled to Spain for a week in the last 10 years but did not have to give police verification for Spain. Since I was born and brought up in India and only lived in US for last 8 years I have to give PCC for India irrespective of how many times I visited.

PR application on your CIC account is usually not approved until you send the passport and they issue the CoPR. For e.g. I got the PPR in July 2017 and my final online approval in August 2017 and then the CoPR and visa.

You have 30 days after you get the PPR email to send passport, photos, and return envelope.

I submitted mine on April 23rd and I am at this.

“We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements”

Does it take 2 months for them to reivew eligibility?

After you submit your application you can expect regular updates on CIC account, or no updates at all, till you actually get the PPR.

so once we submit the documents and medical. then how many months do we need to wait before we send passports for stamping… ?
i mean average no. of months taking to get approval for PR or PPR?

They will ask you to send passport and photos, you only send it then. Till then it’s just a waiting game. Mine took 4 months.

It supposedly has become faster now. People are getting PPR’s in 2 months.

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That’s good. Until you get PPR there’s not much you can do except check status/mailbox regularly.

People in the H1B game should be used to the waiting/patience game. No big deal :wink:


People in the GC waiting period even more :scream:


This field usually doesn’t change. ‘Background check’ is the only field that keeps changing. That’s the indicator of how soon you’ll get your PPR.


I actually asked that because we have to go to India in few months… and as we know they just give 30 days to get passports stamped once PPR is approved… so i am trying to understand if it can happen before we go or will it happen after we come back…

@arun.dash90 said 2 months… so does it mean 2months for PPR approval + 30 days for stamping?

but i though @mrandmrs had submitted application perhaps in March and said no update is there… she can confirm

I am really sorry, I got confused with Application processing time and PR card. My bad. The application processing time is more perhaps.

For PR application i.e. PPR request, it takes usually around 4 months. Then you send your passport and photos and you get it back in a few weeks. For me it took approx 4.5 monghts.

For PR card it took me two months per application (once photos got rejected after two months, and then I got PR card two months after re-sending photos).

You will have to figure it out. If your trip is going to coincide with the PPR request then you’re in trouble because you’ll have to cut short your trip to India and return to US, OR send your passport from India to Canada and return envelope should be addressed to your Indian address which means you cannot return till you get it back. If anyone has other ideas please feel free to share.

When you say few months it really matters how many months. If you’re going in Dec you should be fine (assuming you submit your application asap).

thanks… we will be submitting application with everything maximum next week… already got medical and all other things… only thing is trying to get experience letter from old company and reference letter from current company colleague/,manager…

and estimated travel needed is in November… so sounds like a trouble… should we pre-pone it to sept/oct or probably delay to december as u said.

should we pre-pone it to sept/oct or probably delay to december as u said.

That’s your call.