Bringing a Vehicle not declared in Goods to Follow

I live in US and moving to Canada. Just did my soft landing and declared my car in the Goods to follow document

However, I want to sell that car and purchase a new one. Can I do that ? How do I update my “Goods to follow” document with this new information, without paying duties or taxes on this new vehicle ?

I don’t think you can update GTF once stamped by customs. You don’t need to take the GTF for initial landing, you have the option of getting it done when you make the final move to Canada as a “settler”. I am not sure but there is a possibility that you can redo/add to GTF when you move later on as a “settler”. You might just have to email CBSA and ask that.

You could just buy the new car in Canada if you are planning to move shortly.

I have a quick question here: when we do soft landing, we would first go to the immigration counter, where they will ask about our address in Canada where to ship the PR card. Do they ask for any GTF/GTA list at that time?

OR GTF/GTA is only asked when we move over to the customs? By that time, hopefully our PR card is ordered.

I am asking as I am worried if mentioning that we are here only for soft landing, should not in any way impact the PR card order. I have heard that some border agents ask to order PR card when you eventually move to Canada.

do you want to purchase a new car in USA now, and then import it into Canada?

wouldn’t it be better to get one in Canada itself. I am wondering if its because of price margin or some other reason.

When I landed in Toronto, the woman at passport control told me that there was a small chance that immigration would ask for my goods to follow, but that it was more likely they’d do it at customs. I ended up being directed to customs.

I only ever told the officers who processed me that I was “becoming a PR”. In immigration, I was asked for the address I expected to be living at so that I could receive my PR card. YMMV, though, since different officers ask different questions. No one ever asked me how long I was staying once I was in Canada and the officer who processed me seemed inclined to just let me go.

Even if they don’t start processing your PR card, you can just update your address online/over the phone to get the process started.

Re: the original thread, I do not believe goods to follow can be updated. It’s more of a one-and-done deal. You can try to persuade the customs agents that you should be able to import the car duty-free as a “settler”, but you will have a very hard time with a brand new car, especially if you’ve owned it for less than 6 months. The settler’s exemption stipulates that you should have owned and used the belongings for at least 6 months prior to your move. You’d be better off selling in the US and then buying in Canada. Saves you the hassle (and unavoidable fees) of importing the car as well.

thanks @northern, that’s a good way to put it.

Hi my case is little different. If someone can help.
We did soft landing last month and got BSF186 stamped with all our stuff on it along with cars. When officer gave us blue and white sheet(zero dollar tax paid receipt) , he did not include cars on this. I don’t know if he overlooked or what happened. However, we mentioned cars under conveyances section of BSF186 form and we have it stamped. Is this going to be a problem when I import my car?
If anyone can respond that would be great. thanks

I know it’s been a long time since this was posted but actually have an answer to this now that I have moved to Ontario. I had bookmarked this post because I was in the same position-- My car was listed on my goods to follow list when I soft landed back in February but I only just moved it to Ontario yesterday (September), and when they processed my goods in February they did not include the price of my car in the total exempted value.

Yesterday when I came through customs to import my car they just glanced over my list, asked if my car was on it (yes), then processed everything and said I didn’t owe anything for the car, just needed to pay the RIV fee. :slight_smile:

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You can’t update GTF as far as I am aware. You can sell the car that you have listed, that shouldn’t be a problem; I doubt they will object to the fact that you are bringing less stuff into Canada than what you declared.
As to the second car you are planning to purchase, you may have to process it the same way everyone does who don’t declare their cars in GTF. The only thing that’ll end up happening is you’ll have to pay custom duties for the value of your car (if over C$10,000).
If I were you, I would sell my old car right before leaving the US, and buy a new one here in Canada.

@avj - Just to confirm - we can complete soft landing (through land border) and import the car later. Is that a fair understanding? We are planning to drive our own car (loan free) and add it to GTF list.

@sahilsethi I have same case, can you please let me know what you did at the end?