Can I use a experience letter without salary or roles and responsibilities?



I have a question regarding format - i have experience letters from all my previous employers which states all the above points except salary. will that be an issue if the experience letter doesn’t have salary stated? I can attach my original offer letter and last few salary slips?

I also have a reference letter from my current employer that i took last year for some other purpose but do not have roles & responsibilities listed in it. Can I submit that along with any supporting letter from client where I am actually working?

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Yes salary is required since it proves that this was a regular paid job. In the case you cannot get a letter with the salary on it (some employers refuse they have standard formats without salary) you will have to show other forms of proof that you were paid. Include a letter explaining the situation and include the extra documents you mentioned like a years worth of salary slips, offer letter with salary.

No without roles and responsibilities defined the letter will not be sufficient to prove that your work experienced is related to the NOC you picked. If you look at this from CIC’s perspective the officer needs to be confident that you have done the work that you claim experience for.



These experience letters are needed while filing the Express Entry form or only after getting the ITA ?


@aditya_bisht - you need it for ITA. During EE you do not submit anything else but IELTS and WES (ECA) report number.


What a Relief.



Thank you for the details. One last question - do we need to submit experience letters for spouse as well or is this requirement applicable to main applicant only?

Also, is there any time period as to when we should collect these reference letters? If I get the letters from my employers in March/April but apply in ITA by November/December, will that be ok or do they need to be like within 6 months time fe?


only for primary applicant


I would get started as soon as possible you don’t want some unknown issue to delay these. Once you receive your ITA you have a 90 day deadline.