My introduction and few questions

Great summary. One more thing: renew passport if expiring in less than an year.

Your PR visa expires one year from when you took you medical test OR passport expiry date, whichever comes first.


Hi All,

Just like Sourabh i am also new to this forum and going through the information which are already available. Thanks a lot for these details.

I have started my express entry process.

Schedule my IELTS exam and also submitted my transcript to ICAS for evaluation.

Couple of queries i have. These may have been already answer in some other thread. If so can you please share the link.

  • Once i receive the result from ICAS do i have to upload the soft copy while creating the profile.

  • Also can you please share the link of NOC code with details job description so that i can match with current profile. - Regarding the experience letter the one i have from my previous company is not explicit exp certificate. It a service cum relieving letter. Which cover my start & end date and also the designation. But not the job responsibilities. Do you think it may be cause any issue.

Sanjib Saha

When you create your profile, you don’t need to upload the actual evaluation. There should be a identification number that ICAS provides. You would need to provide that. That was the process for WES at least.

Here’s a link for getting your NOC:

As for experience letter, ask your company to provide one with the job responsibilities since that is what is technically required.

This is a thread for new members where links to most of the important threads are available. Please go through this if you haven’t done so already.


@mrandmrs - Thanks a lot for the info regarding evaluation.
Regarding experience letter as you might know most of the Indian companies don’t provide experience letter if you switch job here in US while on H1B. Same was the case with me. I was on H1B and after few after switch to current one. Even after multiple follow-up during exit only doc they provided is “relieving cum service certificate” .

Currently my total exp 9 + years. 6 Years (offshore + onsite ) - First company
3 + years (current company)

So can you suggest what would be the alternative option in my case. I assume many others who switched job in US will have same situation. For express entry process is there any specific format for experience letter or specific details which must be present. My current letter has start-end date & designation.

@anon25417004 - I am currently going though new to forum link . It already cover lots of details. Looks like i will get most of my queries answered. Thanks.

You get points for maximum 3 years for “overseas experience” (which includes US). So if your US employer is willing to give you the reference letter as stated by CIC then that should be enough.

For the Indian company who has refused to give you this letter you may attach whatever you have w.r.t. them (eg job offer letter, salary slips, relieving letter) and upload that as the experience letter. Printout of email reply from them refusing to give you letter can be added to the letter of explanation if you want. But this is just in case there’s any issue with your US experience as you’ll get max points for 3 years of work ex even if you worked for 10.

@rush2sanjib1, here are some relevant threads about getting experience letter from companies:

Also, I don’t mean to be rude but usually multiple people ask the same questions and we have several threads about the same issue. It would be great if everyone could do a basic search, e.g in your case, you can search for the term ‘experience letter’ in the community and you should be able to get most of the info. If there are additional questions, you can either add to an existing thread or create a new one. It would help to streamline the community. We are all here to help each other so again please don’t take it personally. :slight_smile:

Hey Anshul,

My passport expires in april 2019 and i received my ITA today.
Should i renew my passport and then get PCC or should’nt that matter??

Thanks @avj & @mrandmrs .

I have gone though the similar thread you both posted out. As many others have posted out getting exp letter from current employer is a tricky situation.

As pointed out in one of the thread max point for non canadian exp is for 3 years of exp.

So in my case 6 years of exp details from First company (which didn’t provide letter with job details) and 3 + years exp from US (Current employer- though need to think of best option to get from them as definitely HR will not give as provide in company letter head as per policy before exit.)

Is it ok to update this today exp with all the related documents for previous company(like offer letter, payslips, official email denying to provide exp certificate, letter from previous company manager) will do or do i simply exclude it add only 3 + years of US exp.

Basically want to know if any experience doesn’t have sufficient proof as per guidelines will impact the overall application or they will take out the relevant experience and give point based on that.


hmmm…depends on how quickly you submit final docs and when your PR visa arrives. You will probably have to land in Canada asap after that since the passport validity will be within 6 months or so before expiry date (ideally it’ll be more than that).

If you submit all docs before June, you will probably get PR visa by September which would give you more than 6 months of validity before travel.

On the other hand if anything gets delayed it’ll be a bit tight.

Passport renewal takes 2 weeks or so but then you will have to update CIC with your new passport details. I’m not sure if it has any effect. @anon25417004?

You need to add all your work experience anyway in the “work experience” or “history” section irrespective of whether you count that or you have reference letters for that. If you have job offer letter from current employer use that. Try to get a letter for “visa/overseas travel purposes” if possible. You’ve to use your ingenuity in this case as you know your HR best.

Don’t exclude any work experience. CIC will simply not count points for that work ex if you don’t provide supporting documentation. It’s upto the discretion of the officer to determine whether or not to give you points for work ex you don’t have letters for. Add any denial emails to letter of explanation.

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thanks @avj . One last query related to job experience.

Do i need to submitted all these relevant exp proof during profile creation or only while submitted the documents post receiving invitation.

After receiving ITA.

Thanks @avj

Thanks @avj

Hi I’m Karthik. Currently on H1B and nearing end of my 6 years term. I have time until March 2019. I have been trying for Canada express entry program since 2016 and scored 7.5 band in IELTS. I also got my ECA done for educational transcripts etc and got stuck at a point where I’m short of points for express entry, Inspite of all the qualifications. I have a masters degree from UK and have been working on H1B in US since 2013. Have 11 years of experience in IT.

My current situation is that my company cheated me by promising to file PERM however they backed out in the last minute and now I’m not left with enough time to move to another company who can process my GC. Have heard about county sponsorship PNIP where we can gain more points to qualify for express entry. Please guide me on how to proceed further. I don’t mind returning to India as long as I’m accepted in the pool. I also heard there’s is another way to apply for PR for people on H1B where express entry is not required. Please help me here?

You should consider retaking IELTS and scoring CLB 9 that will improve your points dramatically I believe.
Another option is to get a job in Canada or considering higher education in Canada if you are up for it. Most of the times for provincial nomination you need to be working/studying/have a job offer from that province.

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Make sure to use the latest NOCs. Below is the link to 2016 NOC datadbase.

Hi guys I am new on the platform and need help with EE application procedure. I have a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cape Town in South Africa and have already had my qualifications evaluated by WES and and now making an appointment to write IELTS.

Just wanted to know if I am on the right track.


Yes you are. It’s never too late, however check your CRS score using - as long as your score is above 450 based on your ballpark IELTS score, you should be good.