Profile - Same company experience in multiple Countries

Could not find answer to this question and hence creating a new topic. I am filling up express entry profile and have a question on experience section.
I worked for a company in India for 3.5 years and same company applied H1B and I worked in US for 2 years. While filling the experience section, what location should be given, India (More experience) or US (Final location)?

Hello Harsha,

You can add both the company experiences as individual line items. The addresses of the companies will be obviously different.

Thanks for the suggestion Vignesh. I thought about this option, but I’ve only one experience letter for complete period. Is it fine to show same experience letter to both line items?

Hi @harshag7 , I just came across this post today and I am in a similar situation. Can you let me know how you handled this in your application and if you had any issues? Thanks!