Canadian Immigration Lawyer Recommendation

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to start the PR process for EE. I went to this website to review my CRS score and I only got a score of 406.
I want to understand if this is an indicative score or an accurate one. Talking to an immigration attorney will probably shed more light on all options available.

Can someone please recommend an immigration attorney who can help along with the process?


The requirements are mostly black and white. You can just google to know the various options available to increase your score.

I personally would not recommend investing the time and money on an attorney during this stage.

  1. You don’t need an attorney for EE unless your applications has serious issues such as previous offenses, medical situations etc.

  2. CRS scores are pretty accurate if you had given the correct information (maybe a few points here and there but not much).

  3. You should check into why you got less score (age, education, experience, IELTS scores etc.) and see if you can remedy some of those.

Hi Anshul,

Thanks for your response. I used the following link for the CRS scores and I answered each question accurately but still managed a score of 406.

I don’t see a way to remedy the scores for (age, education, experience, IELTS scores etc.), but I was reading about PNP which can help increase the score. Age is not on my side as I am 42, so I only get 25 points for age.

Hence I was thinking about taking legal advice, as I am not sure how to remedy the situation.
I have a lot of work experience in the US (along with a MS in Computer Science) and my wife also had a MS from Columbia University, but none of that is making a difference in our scores.
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Any advice will be appreciated, since you have gone through this process.


Hello @mehrasaurabh,

At 406, the best options are :

  • PNP as you already know.
  • Getting a job offer from a Canadian Employer which is LMIA approved (that gives you 50 points)
  • Trying Intra company transfer through your employer if that’s a feasible option
  • Enterpreneurial route by investing in Canadian business
  • May be explore a study visa for a 1 year course, and then look for job opportunities here.
  • Look at your IELTS score and see if there is any scope of improvement there.

All these can be explored by you as their is decent amount of information.

Good luck.


The easiest route to follow is to get an intercompany transfer from your current employer. That’s usually reasonably easy and you can apply for the PR process once you’re settled here.
However, keep in mind that it is true that you can process the PR application yourself, it’s not wise, no matter how comfortable you feel navigating the bureaucratic jungle. Get a capable lawyer, particularly if Quebec is your destination.

Everything else remaining same, a lawyer won’t be able to help you get more points. What other people have suggested in terms of PNP, job offer etc might be the only way.