CELPIP is a SCAM! Stay away and do IELTS instead


I’m a native English speaker and just wanted to share my CELPIP experience. I took test back in Jan 2019 and got top marks in everything except the LISTENING part which I only scored an 8. The listening part is basically a memory test; you hear an audio clip for a few mins and then are asked tricky, deceiving questions that are not really based on your English Listening skills.

The IELTS exam allows you to view the questions as the audio is playing which makes it much EASIER than the CELPIP one.

My overall Express Entry score for PR needed a boost so I decided to re-take the CELPIP test in June 2019 with the aim of increasing my LISTENING from an 8 up to a minimum of a 9 which is all I needed to get the Express entry points needed for an Invitation to Apply.

I practised hard this time and really focused on day of exam to get it correct.

When the scores were released I DID manage to get the desired 9 score I was looking for.

HOWEVER on this occasion they marked my WRITING as an 8.

When I did exam back in Jan 2019 I got top mark of 12 and now suddenly an 8 even though I followed exact same format etc. when doing the writing exam.

I was extremely annoyed by this as i felt cheated and immediately paid for the re-evaluation of the writing part. After 3 weeks the re-evaluation score came back the same as an 8.

I contacted CELPIP and asked for an explanation as I felt strongly my WRITING was worth at least a 10 score but CELPIP told me they can give ZERO feedback in how the scoring is done as it can damage the “integrity of the exam itself”


The CELPIP exam for me is a complete SCAM in order to get your money. I did test twice and got a re-evaluation so in total was approx. $680 of my money wasted.

As I still needed a higher score for my Express Entry for Permanent Residency I immediately took the IELTS exam (computer based one) and low and behold I got TOP MARKS in all categories first attempt.

The IELTS computer based exam was far easier, the Speaking part you actually get to talk to a REAL person and not just talk about what you see in a picture (CELPIP give you very unusual pictures to explain) again nothing to do with practical English speaking and the LISTENING exam questions are only shown/asked AFTER the audio piece is finished.

CELPIP make it as difficult as possible with ONE GOAL in mind - TO MAKE YOU FAIL and FAIL AGAIN in order to maximise profits.

They show no empathy and a clear lack of communication in how a low score was obtained.

I CAN ACCEPT a poor score if clearly it’s shown to me how I did badly. Also would it not help us to improve when we know the mistakes we made in the first place?

Anyway thank you all for reading this far and I really hope you chose to stay away from CELPIP and go for the more user friendly IELTS exam in order to score the best possible result.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! I wish you well.

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