CELPIP scores to apply for EE


can some one help me understand what score i(primary applicant) would need to get in order to be eligible to apply for EE and if the same scoring applies to my spouse as well?


This might help. The points don’t apply to your spouse or kids only to the principal applicant. However, in the second set of points (CRS) your spouse can help increase your score if they get their ECA done and take the IELTS.

You will need to get 67 out of 100 to be eligible to file under the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) sub-category of the Express Entry process.

If you make this cut-off and file your express entry application then it goes into a pool. Multiple times a year a points (CRS) cut-off is decided by CIC based on the applications in the pool and everyone over that number is invited (ITA) to complete the PR process.

Here’s an explanation of the FSW points.

Here’s a calculator to figure out your CRS score

I checked FSW points page… there it says following about education for Masters;;

University degree at the Master’s level or equal OR University level entry-to-practice professional degree (or equal). Occupation related to the degree must be:

NOC 2016 Skill Level A, and
licensed by a provincial regulatory body

Note: Degree prog must be in one of these fields of study: Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatry, Optometry, Law, Chiropractic Medicine, or Pharmacy.

what does it mean… Occupation related to degree and NOC??
and why does it not mention Engineering or Science etc. in NOTE?

For CELPIP scores, you will need CLB 9 out of 12 in every section (R,W,L,S)

Any section the primary applicant scores below 9 CLB you lose approx 50 points and your score drops below 400, which is disheartening.

CELPIP writing and speaking evaluation has recently been notoriously subjective and they mark you below 9 for no reason. But again you can always apply for reevaluation or retake exam.

If you take the CELPIP practice materials you will find writing and speaking to be very easy, but beware.

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We got CRS 413,is it still okay to apply for express entry?

What is your language score? R,W,L,S (which test did you take)

413 is not good enough for ITA as of now.

Book an IELTS slot simultaneously if you are really interested in Canada PR or just leave the CRS score in that pool and may be you will get an ITA (which is not likely).

Good luck !

Thanks for the reply!

Did you mean its not likely to get an ITA right now with the current cutoff or it wont even happen down the line in a couple of months?

We took CELPIP and my husband is the primary applicant and his scores are

Reading 10
Listening 11
Writing 8
Speaking 8

thanks once again!

Don’t waste your time with CELPIP, you will never score above 9 simultaneously in writing and speaking.
Only native English speakers score above 9 in CELPIP speaking and writing. IELTS dates are the only reasons people are taking CELPIP, but we lose time and money. CELPIP is the most bias test, they know for the fact that it is useful only for Canadian immigration and therefore they play with us.

Just google few terms “CELPIP evaluation or CELPIP scoring” you will see many responses confirming the fact that Writing and Speaking is judged horribly. (They are bias against non-native english speakers).

Also, you can send your W and S scores for reevaluation and CELPIP testers might pity on you and improve your writing score by 1 point, still you cannot pass the CLB 9 barrier in all sections. CLB 9 in all sections is the only way you can add 50 more points in your score and it will improve your score to 456 or something.

My advice is go for IELTS which is like 3 months apart from now in east coast locations.

With your current score 413 it is unlikely to get ITA anytime in near future.


I would agree with @akel unless you specific reason I would retake this test going with IELTS for both of you this time. The points you get here can prove to be what gets you an ITA.

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