CIC ITA Draw May 23 2018


Next draw happened today:

Number of invitations issued: 3,500

Rank required to be invited to apply: 3,500th or above

Date and time of round: May 23, 2018 at 11:20:42 UTC

CRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 440

Tie-breaking rule: December 30, 2017 at 06:39:40 UTC

When is the next round of express entry invitations?

did you get into the pool before the draw?


Yes…submitted in afternoon…even I updated profile once in evening which took two hours to reflect. …but still waiting for ita message

edit:I just now received email saying my application was updated… seems my yesterday evening’s update got completed now and probably my application was not in the pool then if it updated now …saying so as i have not received ITA yet… and even this update email came now


@srhere , what does Tie-breaking rule refer to? Does it mean only candidates who submitted EE before this date will be picked?


no… tie breaking rule is for lowest score… for example today’s cutoff is at 440 … so tie breaker rule is for 440… so anybody who created profile before 30-DEC and has score 440, then will receive invitation but somebody with 440 but created profile after 30-DEC will not get invitation


makes sense, thank you.


Couldn’t submit because of WES, its due in 1st week of June, frustrating…


If your updated profile pushed up your score beyond 440 on the same day as the ITA then its possible you might have missed it. I know its about half a day now if you don’t get an ITA by mid-day tomorrow then you missed it for sure. You can email them to ask since its not very common that people update on the same day as the ITA so it’s a fair enough question to ask.


I got it :slight_smile:
Around 3-4pm


Congrats! You must be some kind of record getting in right in time :slight_smile:


Congratulations @srhere!


Congrats ! :slight_smile: what was your CRS score


thanks… it is 466…

and now we are thinking if we submit only previous company’s experience then we would get 441… which is still more than cutoff… and will save unnecessary effort to get letters from current employer and managers…

441 because although i have 3.5 years experience in first company …but 1 year is outside 10 year window… so i am calculating as 2 year experience…

what do you suggest guys…?

should i accept this ITA and just submit first company experience and remove current company…and explain on letter of explanation tht my points would be still more than cutoff?
should i decline the ITA and remove current company from application and get ITA again in next draw?

I am making new records of complexity every time …isn’t it :slight_smile:


thanks @anon25417004

the title of thread has May 24… instead it should 23rd as draw was yesterday …

it allows me to edit the title but it does not save my modification…


IMO you should accept the ITA and take the necessary efforts to get letter from current employer if possible. If they refuse then add that in LoE and for the current company’s experience add the paystubs and offer letter and all that. Maybe they consider it and accept what you submit. But not submitting will guarantee you will drop down to 441 which is too tight. You may still get approved but if anything else makes your points go down - which is unlikey - then you’re scrwed.


do you guys know if letter from manager has just the company logo on the top left or top right side … then is it valid letter or is it still considered as a plain paper letter unless on company’s letterhead, and still needs to be notarized by manager??

asking that because our managers gave similar letters when we applied for H1Bs or when we had RFEs


Is it just the company’s logo or is the company name visible too? I guess if the company’s name is visible, it might be acceptable since it could be verified. I don’t know if just the logo would help.


by logo i meant yes the company name itself…

i asked that because just company name or logo does not make it a letterhead… i think a letterhead usually has company’s complete address, phone number, email id etc. too in the header or the footer…


It must be the official company letter head the exact specifications are not defined. The letter must have the company address, phone, etc. It’s common for original letterheads to have this information.


so the problem is my managers are not ready to give anything on company’s letterhead…
is it fine on the plain paper or on a paper with just company logo…

i have one more question…

my previous company’s joining letter says “Asst. Systems Engineer” … all pay slips say “Asst. Systems Engineer” except the last one which says “Systems Engineer”. Also the relieving and experience certificate says “Systems Engineer”

Now I am confused how to represent it to CIC… i entered earlier “Systems Engineer” …
Do I need to change it to “Asst. Systems Engineer” or add both of these… or should I keep it and just give them last payslip+experience letter… and should not give joining letter or any of other payslips. this way “Systems Engineer” will be okay…
Please suggest