Clarity needed for where to send passports to

We got our passport requests for issuance of COPR visa. However, I received two emails from IRCC specifying that my application for permanent residence in Canada is complete, and that I need to send my passport for visa stamp. The first email specifies that since I currently reside in the USA, I need to send the mail to Ottawa, CA with a return envelope. However, the second email specifies that I need to send to New Delhi, India.
I am a citizen of India, but reside in USA. My mailing address in in USA. Has anyone else faced this confusing situation. We sent an email to CIC but automated reply says could take over 15 days for response.
Since we reside in USA, our guess is we need to directly send to Ottawa, CA. Thoughts?

Congratulations…I i don’t have answer but can you tell me when did you submit your application and how many months it took to get PPR approved… basically short timeline of your process will help…

Hi Shashi,
I got the same two emails yesterday. Even I am confused. The status in my express entry profile says “In Progress”. I didn’t any new messages in my EE login, where I submitted my application. I don’t know whether the emails we got are legit.

Try calling them and confirming. When I received PPR I only got one email to send it to CPC Ottawa.

Thank you Anushul ! Is this the address you sent the passport to ?
US Permanent /Temporary Residence VISA/Passports
365 Laurier Av. West
Ottawa ON
K1A 1L1.
Could you please provide the number to call CPC Ottawa ?
I have already sent an email to So I will wait for 10 business days to call CPC Ottawa.

@avj : Thanks for the response
I have sent them an email and waiting for the response. I did try calling on a few number that I found online but learned that IRCC does not entertain calls from outside Canada. The IRCC numbers I called would detect that I am outside Canada and hang up. In fact, I also called another number for the Canada govt and reached an operator who effectively told me the same thing.

Numbers I tried calling are listed here:
I tried 888-242-2100 and 613-944-4000
Neither worked for me. Let me know if you are able to get through
Also, I presume you are in the same situation as us? ie. 2 emails for PPR? Could you share your timeline of the process as well. Would be interested to see that

@srhere: Timeline in our case
EE profile created : Feb 9
ITA received: Feb 21
Submitted application : May 8
Received PPR request: June 28

Good that you reached out. I received an email earlier out as well, but in my case it was just one email from CIC.

Sorry I missed your earlier response. So we got the emails from
Is that the address you received the emails from ? Also, I checked the UCI number and the Application Number does match.
And in our online application, the status still shows in progress
When you received the CoPR email, when did you online status get updated? And what was the status?

There was no status update. It was only an email from CIC. I checked the UCI and Application number they matched.
Thanks for the response. The email that you received from CIC, what email address was it from? Does it match the above address that I mentioned or was it different? I just want to be sure these emails are legit.
Also would be helpful to see your timeline as well.

This is the email address:

Yes this was the address for US residents.

No I don’t have their number. They have only given fax and email id.

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how much time did it take to get PPR after you submitted application?

thats great… you received PPR just in 1 month 20 days… thats quick… i thought others told usually it takes 4 months…

1 month, submitted May 21, got PPR June 22

Depends on profile, documents submitted, etc.

Hi Shashi,
Submitted application : Feb 26
Received PPR request: June 28
If you get a reply from CPC Ottawa, please post it here.

It depends on a lot of factors e.g. which stream you apply through (FSW-I, FSW-O, PNP-I, PNP-O, CEC), what your NOC is, number of dependents in your application, visa office processing your second background check, additional documents needed etc. Either way IRCC says that applications usually get processed within 6 months so I guess we should be prepared to wait for that amount of time.

Hello Everyone,

I got an email from yesterday, asking me to send the passport to :
Visa Application Centre – New York
290 Madison Ave,2nd fl.
(41st Street & 40th Street)
New York, NY 10017

@shashi did you get a similar email ?

When did you send the email to CIC? I have not yet gotten a response.