Creating UPS Return Label for Canada to US Passport Shipment


I received PPR recently and needed to find how to do return shipping of passport from Canada. So, I am documenting it here for others.

Who is this useful for: US to Canada move PPR

Congratulations on receiving your PPR. If you are in US you have to include return label for CPC to send passport with visa back to you. I went with UPS and this is the documentation on that.

  1. Go to and sign up for an account. It is free and you can use it in the future to manage packages coming to you using UPS MyChoice.
  2. Creating label to Canada is easy. Go to main page, click on Shipping and choose Create a shipment. Just enter the info there and you should get a label. Save it as PDF.
  3. Creating return label is tricky. I called UPS support and UPS tech support several times.
  4. First, to create label that goes from Canada to US you must create a UPS shipper account.
  5. To create shipper account log in to your account, click on your name in upper right and in the drop down click Payment Options
  6. Under Add a payment method drop down and choose Add new account
  7. Fill form with info and credit card. Now you should have a shipper account with a 6 digit shipper account number. This number will automatically appear when you are creating the return label.
  8. Now to the actual return label.
  9. Go to main page and click on Shipping
  10. This time choose Create Import: UPS Import Control
  11. Fill that form and you will get another label. Save that as PDF.

If you print out these PDF labels and take to UPS store they will give you express envelopes. The person at my store knew about visa and she gave me a legal envelop for shipping to Canada and a regular to put inside for the return. They will also have clear pouches sticking the labels on the envelops.

I was able to put the regular size envelop inside the legal envelop without folding. But the girl said folding is ok.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your Canada move!

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FYI : You also have to fill in a customs declaration form for that return envelope with value of 0 or 0.01$ .

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I got email from processing center asking for commercial invoice in PDF format. I called UPS and they told me when you check ‘Documents of no commercial value’ when creating label the website doesn’t create a commercial invoice because it is not needed for documents. I checked that box when I created label.

But when I told the processing center this they said border security has been returning envelops without commercial invoice.

So although the commercial invoice is not needed technically for document, you can save time by sending it with your return envelop.

You can also try not checking ‘Documents of no commercial value’ box and UPS maybe will create commercial invoice with label.

If not you can call UPS and they will email you a blank form and a sample commercial invoice.

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