Decision Time - Moving to Vancouver


So, finally, the time has come. I started the process last year in January 2019, submitted my profile in August 2019, got my COPR in March 2020, Started Applying for Jobs in July 2020, Got an Offer in August 2020.

I was able to negotiate the salary - a number similar to what I am getting with my current Job but in CAD. I don’t think I’ll get a job opportunity better than the current one.

However, as human nature is, I am contemplating the move. There have been numerous threads on Pros and Cons. So, I am not looking for another list highlighting what has already been shared.

I just wanted to share my thoughts - and opening it up for a healthy discussion.

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Could you clarify what exactly it is that you want inputs or thoughts on?

On whether you should move from US to Canada?
If you should move to Vancouver or another Canadian city.
If you’re looking for certain information about Vancouver (as compared to where you currently are?).

@pankajtrivedi - congrats on everything. that in itself is a lot of effort. I am interested to learn what perspectives are you thinking when making the decision i.e., what are the key parameters you are considering to decide.

To be honest - this is one of the toughest decision of my life. I’ll decide tomorrow and let you know. DM me if you have specific questions.

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Good luck @pankajtrivedi

What’s holding you back? If you’ve received an offer that is somewhat comparable to what you make and you’re not making a huge career change, I (personally) would be overjoyed and move tomorrow. My husband and I have been in the US for 15 years, both have advanced degrees, live in the NYC area, have lovely friends, and have traveled a ton because of the opportunities that H1B provided to us. On the negative end, my husband was here on an H1 for 6 years; had to leave to go to India for a year (we lived apart during that time); when he came back, he had a hard time finding a job again that could sponsor his visa. He finally got his H4 EAD and found a job that was okay-ish but he really missed career satisfcation and growth. When it was time to renew his visa, the process often took close to 6 months which meant he wouldn’t make any money during that time. It was a very frustrating timeand both of us felt quite helpless. We knew that our lives were dependant on my visa being renewed in perpetuity and that was a pretty scary thought to be honest. We lacked mental peace. So in our specific situation, we would be very happy to move :slight_smile: Life has been hard but we’ve stuck through this difficult journey and look forward to finding good jobs before we can move to Canada. The idea that we could become citizens in 3-4 years and not have to live a life of uncertainty is the biggest factor for us in making the decision to move. We are child-free so even if we have to take a slight pay-cut, that’s fine with us.

I hope you can list out pros and cons for your specific situation and make a decision soon. Best of luck with whatever you decide.


Congrats @pankajtrivedi. Great news.

When I started the whole PR process, it was more of a safety net. I didn’t really think I wanted to move from the USA (bay area) to Canada; until I had to face a visa rejection and had to pack my bags to India in 2019. It’s not an easy task selling everything in two weeks and just moving out of a country you have called home for almost a decade.

Now, I can’t fathom the thought of going back to the US ever again on a work visa. The uncertainty, anxiety and the restrictions imposed by the H1 on switching jobs aren’t worth it. And let’s face it, almost everyone that’s on H1 right now runs the risk of a rejection at some point no matter what. I like the freedom that a PR or a citizenship offers. I can just quit a job or get out of a toxic work culture at any time without any fear of getting deported.

I have quit my job in India, and will be traveling to Toronto towards the end of the month. So, yeah, I would jump at such an opportunity anytime. I don’t know what’s making you reconsider the move but do think back on what prompted you to begin this whole thing in the first place. Maybe you’ll find your answers.

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@pankajtrivedi if you got a job offer with similar salary as your current one and if you have done your research about Canada, then what’s holding you back? After all you made a bigger move moving from India to US. This move is between similar countries, you may not even change time zones depending on your location. But if you are not sure there might be something deep down that may be causing a concern. Anyway good luck!

Just to be clear - I got same number in CAD - so 26% salary cut.

Anyway, I have made the decision.

@pankajtrivedi what was the decision ?