Do not have reference letter from employer, Multiple NOC codes

I am not able to get a reference letter from my previous employer and lost the offer letter. I have the following documents instead:

  • Vendor letter addressed to USCIS (for H1 application) stating the start date, job duties, end client and employer.
  • I20 with employer mentioned in the employment authorization section.
  • Signed contract/ agreement with employer for H1 application.

Would these documents be sufficient?
In my first two jobs, I worked as a software developer. In my current job, I am working as a data analyst. Will submitting EE profile with multiple NOC codes have any effect on the points or in the document review process?


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multiple NOCs have no issues and easily counted if atleast one is for one year or more…

but yeah i have same question about re-using letter addressed to USCIS. some one earlier told letters to USCIS will not work. Not sure why it should not work as they need just a proof of duties.

When you get an ITA, this is what is mentioned for experience letter:

You must provide proof of work experience for your current job and for each past position you listed. Proof must include a reference letter from your employer and pay stubs, if you have them. The reference letter must:
-be an official document printed on company letterhead
-include your name, the company’s contact information (address, telephone number and e-mail address), the signature of your immediate
-show all positions held while employed at the company
-include these details: job title, duties/responsibilities, job status (if current job), the dates you worked for the company, the number of work hours per week and your annual salary plus benefits.
You must scan all documents for this period of employment and save them as one file. (You must create a separate file for each period of employment.)

Now this reference letter cannot be addressed to a third party like USCIS. It needs to be addressed either to you or to no one in particular (to whomever it may concern). If your employer is not willing to give you a letter, take a printout of the email where they are denying this letter. Ask a co-worker/manager from that company to provide a letter mentioning your title, responsibilities, dates that you worked there, work hours, salary (if possible) and their work relationship with you (manager, colleague, subordinate etc.). If you have the paystubs, attach some of them if possible.

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We can get this kind of letter from current employer. What about past companies. I don’t think HRs entertain such requests also. We can produce denial mail If we get it. What If we never get response from past companies? Can separate letters like salary slips, relieving letters., increment letters be combined as single single PDF work?

Infosys denied me said letter and I submitted a LoE with this denial and former supervisor’s informal letter and other official letters. My PR went through.
After @mrandmrs 's suggestion many weeks ago, I contacted Infosys HR on a different email id just for fun and asked for a reference letter, and voila! they gave me a template, I filled it and they got my former manager to verify me and now I have Infy’s reference letter. Almost a year after I got my PR! (maybe I can use it later). Try all avenues open to you. Get whatever you can - like the letters you mentioned - to support your NOC description and throw it in your LoE if you’re unable to get an official letter.

Hello @avj, @mrandmrs, I just created my EE profile. In the employment section I only added my current job (1.4 years) and did not add the previous ones since I dont have good reference letters and there was no response from the employers. I got a score of 450.
Even if I add the old jobs (1.3 years), my score remains the same.
Should I have to add the previous jobs or continue with my current job only? Thanks.

@dheerajbreddy If adding more experience doesn’t get you extra points and you don’t even have the reference letters, then it doesn’t make any sense to add that extra 1.3 years. Once you get the ITA you can add them up in the personal section which doesnt need you to add any proof. In this way you are not hiding anything.


If you have proof that you worked for the company (resignation letter, offer letter, relieving letter, paystubs) then you should add that job. In the meanwhile try hard to get either an official letter from manager or HR or unofficial letter from supervisor/colleagues etc. You can show that you tried to get a proper letter but were denied by submitting proof of email exchanges. CIC may give you extra points if they think it counts. I’m surprised you did not get additional points for additional year of experience.

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The old jobs were on a different NOC code, software engineer. The current one is as a data analyst. That could have been one reason.

I have similar question.

I have worked :

2 years - Software Engineer ( different NOC)
2 years - Senior Systems Engineer But Job description is of Business Analyst ( NOC: 2171)
3 years - Associate Consultant ( NOC: 2171)

So, I should submitted 2 different NOC’s right ?
Also does title matter if NOC description matches in the Experience letter?

You get maximum points for 3 or more years of foreign work experience (outside Canada), so you can use the Associate consultant without adding the other two. You can also select 2171 with the 5 years and that should be enough.

Hi Anshul,

Thanks for the reply.
But if i mention exactly like what i described. It shud be fine right …because I am declaring my primary NOC as that of Associate Consultant…so even though the first 2 may not count. I feel like including them.

What do you feel about it ?

The job title does not matter. The duties and responsibilities do. You should make sure the reference letter you get matches one or both NOCs that you are trying to use. If you are only going to get one reference letter (e.g. same company for all NOCs), then draft the letter such that all NOCs are covered. You may split up the duties and responsibilities for the 3 posts that you held that is OK.


Just to add to @avj’s point. The NOC description are guidelines for the officer reviewing the case. This does not mean you have to match it exactly. If you are able to provide similar responsibilities and get a letter that would suffice. The aim is to be transparent and clear to the case officer.

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guys… my ex-manager is asking to write reference letter (even if on plain paper) addressed to someone and not as whom it may concern…

can you suggest if i can write To, Visa Officer, CIC Canada or IRCC, Express entry or what can be written

Also guys, what if I get email from manager’s or colleague’s official email id to my official email id confirming my roles and responsibilities… will it work?

Take it from the immigration officers perspective. How does he or she know that the email is legitimate? Generally, if it is signed it’s officiates it, however an email from manager or colleague’s email ID might not be considered valid.

If your manager or colleague is willing to send an email from their official ID, why don’t they sign the letter on a normal A4 sheet, and you can justify why you are providing that letter, and not on a letterhead.

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although i don’t understand how signing on a plain paper makes it official document… because if it is difficult to verify email for legitimacy then even signed letter can be fake too.
some persons think signing something is fishy… but sending email is business as usual…

anyways thanks for advice… and yeah i am still trying to get letter from a old manager or colleague… actually i have limited options as don’t want to tell to current manager or current colleagues about this…

  1. A letter with the colleague’s contact details and sign is always legitimate. Assuming that you aren’t gonna submit a fake signed paper. On the other hand, an email can be denied by manager that they have never sent it.

  2. Generally an email from the official email could be considered speaking on behalf of the company. If they retract it later could be an issue. Thus a signed A4 documents, with their details is always good in our case as we have a document which they have signed.

Anyhow, I’m just giving my POV. I was in a similar situation, I got a signed letter from a colleague, in fact he didn’t put down his official email and instead gave his personal email address (in case he leaves the company, he can still support the background check if any).

At my current company, they have entertained all of the NOC format except salary and work hours!
So attaching that email where they denied adding these details and Paystubs and tax forms should suffice ? Or do I need anything else?