Do people who get ITA always get PR?


  1. I wanted to know if all the people who get ITA get PR if they submit correct documents? or is there any other selection/filtration process after the ITA?
  2. Do we have to do police verification in india as well? How long does the process in India take? is it online? we are indian citizens residing in the US since 2014.
    Thanks for helping us with your rensponses so far.
  1. It’s not guaranteed. The ITA is only an invitation to start the PR process. Many factors influence if you finally get PR such as the validity and authenticity of the documents you provide, proof of work letters, proof of funds, marriage and other certificates, medical checkup, etc. The large number of ITA recipients that I know of all got PR. There is no other arbitrary filters applied it’s all pretty transparent.

  2. You need a police clearance certificate from every place where you have lived for 6 months. I’m assuming for you and maybe your spouse this would include India. You can get this document at the nearest Indian consulate in the US. There are several threads about this on the forum.