Police Clearance Certificate


Can I get the police clearance certificate from the Consulate General of India in Houston




If you’re currently in the US, you can do that. My friend did that and he got it in a couple of weeks. The link you have provided describes the instructions.


Thanks KayKay. Can I start this process before I get the invite. Thanks


Yes. You can start this process before you get the invite. Except medicals, it s good to start everything else before you get the invite cos medicals need to be valid for at least a year when you eventually move in to Canada.


Start getting the FBI clearance as early as possible it takes pretty long. The Indian consultant in SF did my clearance in less than a week.


I am on H1b in US. Currently on vacation in India.I thought of getting police verification to be done in India.
Is there any standard format/template I need to get it verified? I am not sure if it can be done at my local police station or have to go to the city ? Has anyone done it in India?


It can be done at the passport office. Here’s a link for the process:



I did mine when I was in the USA. Got mine from SFO within two weeks!

Don’t know about India though, I heard it was slow but maybe others have a different experience.